Your app is not converting? 5 Tips to Improve Conversions

The role of mobile apps as a marketer is gaining ground over all other advertising and promotions methods. Not all apps are great tools for marketing products and services. Complex UI and navigation may make it difficult for apps to convert users. The primary focus of mobile app development must not be on making the app beautiful and innovative, but rather on converting users.

There are many methods to increase the app’s user acquisition and convert more users. These are the best ways to increase app user acquisition and ensure conversions.

Smoother onboarding

The fate of an app is determined by its user experience (UX), especially during the onboarding phase. This is the first interaction users have with an app and can make a lasting impression. It should be as easy as possible for users to log in by limiting their actions. Registering/logging in is quick and easy. Users won’t have to give out too much information. Instead of using long, boring textual instructions to guide users on how to use the app’s functions, use graphics and gestures.

Optimize the app’s loading speed

Users tend to avoid apps that take longer to load. It can cause delays in what they are trying to accomplish. While your app is being developed, optimize its speed. There are high chances of optimizing conversions if you can win users’ attention in the first instance by improving the app’s speed.

Push notifications with personalised offers

Strategize to send push notification to your users after analysing their behaviours on the app during their first few active sessions. Push notifications work well to convert users if they are relevant and tailored to their preferences or interests. It lets users know that you care about them and has a chance to make them feel special. They will feel valued and cared for, which can encourage them to purchase your product or use your service.

Reward users with bonuses or points

Users like appreciation! You can surprise them with little surprises when they finish a task, or when they check out an order. Encourage them accumulate more of these points or rewards to get a better offer. It’s a great way for users to engage with you, but it will also decrease user abandonment. The users will have an incentive to return and place orders/purchases.

Social media integrations should be included

Popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have large user bases. Integrating your app with these platforms can help you get a lot more users through referrals. The key is to use the eWOM (electronic Word of Mouth). You need to convince current users to share the app’s benefits via their social media accounts by offering them referral rewards. Your biggest advertiser is your customers. Any positive feedback will convince others to use the app and reap its benefits.

Inspire users enough to stay and actively complete the conversion funnel. reach the final checkout or interaction point of the app. These tips will help you make your app’s journey seamless from the beginning, convince users with personalized features and offers, and keep them engaged throughout. Keep these tips in mind if you have an idea for an app and wish to see maximum conversions.

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