Where to buy live betta fish for sale?

People all over the globe love Siamese Fighting Fish or Betta Splendens, which are incredible creatures. As many fish enthusiasts, they are captivated by their amazing personalities, beautiful fins, and vibrant colors. Simply put, these fish are big on the heart.

Many people purchase their fish at their local pet shops, but others adopt them from Betta Fish Rescue. Some don’t know where to find live betta fish. The good news is that our research has been extensive and we are eager to share this information with you.

Before we get to that, let’s talk a bit about the fascinating little fish souls. In the past, bettas were caught in the wild. They lived in the low-lying areas of Thailand, where they were often found on rice fields and in shallow ponds. Because of their aggressive nature, people in Thailand organized fighting matches between Bettas and placed bets on the winners. Theodore Edward Cantor was then gifted some bettas from the Siamese King Rama III in 1840. Charles Tate Regan (1909), an eminent ichthyologist, gave Betta the name Betta after this fish genus.

As you can see the trend to keep bettas in pets started in 1892 with Pierre Carbonnier’s import to France. He sold them to aquarists. These gorgeous fish were first introduced to pet-lovers in Germany and Moscow in 1896. These fish are now available worldwide. Isn’t this amazing? We’ve given you a brief overview of bettas. Let’s now discuss where to buy betta fish.

Where to buy live betta fish for sale?

Jazzy Bettas –This boutique-based firm matches discerning clients to international betta breeders. This website carefully vets and selects international breeders who are committed to breeding bettas that will be beautiful, healthy, and long-lived. Jazzy Bettas has beautiful fish. You can choose from a variety of bettas including plakats, crowntails, double tails, and many more. The majority of the featured fish are less than 5 months old. This service is proud to deliver healthy fish to customers. All of the featured fish were raised in high-quality conditions and fed premium food so that they are ready for their new families. Federal Express Priority shipping and Overnight shipping are available. The company offers a “dead upon arrival” guarantee that covers the cost of returning the fish to the buyer if it dies before it arrives. You can easily visit their site to see live betta fish available for purchase. After choosing the fish they feel most comfortable with, paying the required fee and paying additional shipping fees depending on shipping preferences, the customer will receive the fish of her dreams within 1-2 week. This sounds like a fun and easy way to buy live betta fish.

Tucky’s BettasThis site is similar to Jazzy Bettas and lists fish from foreign countries. Tucky’s Bettas offers a wide variety of live bettas for sale, which include many different types of fins. You’ll find plakats, crowntail, halfmoon and plakats among others. These include male and female bettas as well as snails and pet supplies like food and nets. The shipping costs are $25 to $35 depending on the preferred carrier. Jazzy Bettas also offers a “dead on arrival” guarantee. If a betta fish arrives dead, the buyer can contact them for a full refund. They do not refund shipping costs.

Amazon –The site is well-known for selling toys, books, personal care products, and even live animals. Buyers can purchase live betta fishes from this safe marketplace. They come in a variety of colors and tail types. Make sure you verify the seller’s credibility and carefully read the description to determine what kind of fish you’re buying.

Local Fish Stores Visit your local fish shop. A lot of fish shops sell bettas. If you can’t find the betta of your dreams, speak to the owner and tell them about it.

There are many places where live betta fish can be purchased. Online ordering can be done to have your betta shipped from Indonesia, or you can get it at your local fish shop or Amazon. It doesn’t matter what method you use, you will find the perfect betta. All you have to do is put in some effort. When you do this, you’ll be blessed with a wonderful best friend that will bring years of joy.

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