What will you do now if your Quickdrop Ebay Drop Store franchise is sold?

QuikDrop Says “Goodbye!”

Ina Steiner,’s morning reporter, reported that QuikDrop is closing down franchise sales and support operations for its largest drop-off eBay store franchises. Store owners (current franchisees) can continue to operate their stores, but they will not receive corporate franchise support.

QuikDrop announced that it would stop offering its proprietary software program to stores on December 31. Bob Golub is the Massachusetts QuikDrop franchise owner. He said he wasn’t surprised by the announcement, but was concerned about how he will find replacement software and learn a new program in such short time. Golub stated, “We are all scrambling.” Excerpt by: Ina Steiner

What can you do with a QuickDrop franchise you own?

You can either move on or continue your operations using newer, better software from a third-party like AuctionLogic (powered and operated by AuctionSound). Or will you use eBay’s Turbo-Lister to manage your consignment activities?

AccountingLogic can help you import your data from existing software, bookkeeping software, and convert it into new listing software. QuickDrop customers will find it much easier to learn the latest web-based consignment listing software suites. You can get training through the software vendors and their consultants. In the end, your cost will be much less while your ease-of use and efficiency will improve.

I would advise you to consider all options and see this opportunity as an opportunity. QuickDrop might have been the perfect Christmas gift for the franchise. They have allowed franchises to take control of their destiny and manage their businesses as they wish, by shutting down operations and the bleeding. Each franchise owner will have the ability to use new advertising, website design, and eBay store upgrades options that were not possible as a franchisee.

This publication has previously highlighted the many reasons why you should not purchase an eBay drop-store franchise. This is a development that brings to my attention a business practice I strongly believe every small entrepreneur should be aware of…

Dependence on one company to supply your business software, branding, and ultimately income is foolish. It is dangerous to put all your eggs in one basket in any venture.

This latest QuickDrop innovation demonstrates this lesson very clearly. The same principle applies to placing all product sales through one channel like eBay. Any business owner shouldn’t be so dependent on the stability or fortunes of another company. You should consider today’s news a wake-up call if your business is selling only via eBay, or if you own a franchise eBay drop shop of any brand. Analyse your operation to determine where your income comes from. Diversifying your income stream is a good idea if it’s only one. Look for other ways to make money, or look into other support options.

You should always look for ways to reduce your dependency on other entities. This will make your business more resilient and more able to handle any situation that may arise with one vendor. Investment portfolios are similar to your business. It is not a good idea to invest all of your cash in one stock.

QuickDrop’s entire family should express gratitude to the corporate offices. There are many software packages that are easier to use and provide better support, and they cost less than a franchise or royalty fee.

All QuickDrop franchise owners, congratulations!

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