What are the Non-Technical Skills That Businesses Need to Have?

The working environment is quite different than it was a year ago. Most businesses have suffered a lot and are now being forced to review and redesign everything, from sales strategies to employee hiring policies and structures to the way they do business. Many people might wonder if creativity or soft skills still have value in this frantic reorganization of business and work. In general, creativity is something that we view as something that may be interesting to try if we have more time. It’s a luxury. This is something that trainers love to talk about at month’s beginning. As the month ends, every sales manager wants to know what they did.

But creativity and soft skills are more important than ever. These skills can be used to prepare for the New Normal, post pandemic world. All young managers entering the workforce from now on; every young manager searching for the next step in the corporate ladder; and every job seeker looking for their next job; they will all have one thing in common. There will be many new, sometimes unanticipated, unprecedented and difficult challenges, difficult decisions, and potentially challenging prospects to negotiate. Each professional must be prepared to deal with the immediate changes caused by lockdowns in the world. Economists predict that there will be financial difficulties and sea change.

A return to pre-pandemic normality is unlikely so we must adapt our thinking to cope with the changes. Your uniqueness will be defined by your creativity and soft abilities. Only those who can come up with pragmatic and useful strategies will be able maximise their potential and succeed. Thinking creatively is the key to unlocking your potential. It is important to recognize that the world has changed dramatically and to see this as an opportunity to be creative. The world is changing and you have to be able to adapt to it.

Today’s business landscape has been transformed by the pandemic, lockdowns and social distancing requirements. The internet technology has made it possible to transact business and provide services online. For many businesses, as well as large parts of the IT sector this model works so well, that companies are realising that it may not be in the best interests to return to a physical location. In these new circumstances, it is likely that going back to the old office model will prove difficult. Companies will need to deal with social distancing, manage work space, handle food safety, maintain sanitation, and make sure that social space is safe and judicious. The trend before the pandemic was toward more open-plan layouts. It was designed to bring people together and reduce mental walls. These layouts are no longer suitable for offices. Companies will have to pay for the redesign and run physical offices at 50% capacity.

The world of marketing and sales has changed drastically. In this new environment, it is essential to be creative, to find new ways of meeting customers, to make sales, and to build relationships. Soft skills needed to conduct a video conference, online training session or close a deal over the internet are very different from those we have used in face-to-face situations. The benefits of the new lockdowns or work from home policies have a positive side. Nowadays, everyone seems to have more mental bandwidth. The absence of the daily commute, distractions, calls and white noise in the office, as well as people walking in and going out, has allowed us to have more mental space. This allows us to develop our intuitions and generate new ideas. Everyone can use this time to be creative and to learn new ways of thinking. This is the time to innovate and experiment in a new workplace. This is the perfect time to reinvent your self!

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