Three Selling Techniques to Use during Covid-19

The world has changed. Have you noticed?

Yes, you do. You’re most likely working remotely right now.

The question is: How have you changed how you approach your prospects and clients?

Believe it or not I still get the same old emails and phone calls from companies trying sell me their products and/or services in the exact same way.

They don’t like it.

If you feel frustrated right now and sales results are falling, you may want to adjust your approach.

These are three simple things you can do now to build rapport with people and get on track in sales and momentum.

Number one: Show kindness instead of being a salesperson. It is not normal for people to be scared at the moment. This is a scary period!

People don’t like to be sold to. They want to be heard and acknowledged. This is the perfect time to improve your soft sales skills, such as empathy and listening to others.

Remember the old saying, “People buy products from people they trust, like, know and respect.” Showing people that you care about them is the best way to build trust.

Step one: Get someone to tell you about their family and how it is going. We’ll soon get to the sales side, but don’t worry. Focus on building a real connection.

Number two: Gently explore the company’s plans for after this event is over. Every company that you meet has a plan for this eventuality. Ask about it.

It can be helpful to give examples from companies you are working with. If a prospect or client has told you they are planning to resume full-time work at the end this quarter and that they are determined to have a strong next quarter then you can share this information with them. Then ask them about their plan. You can also share details with your clients or prospects.

In other words, encourage them to think about the long-term and make plans.

Number three: Make yourself a trusted resource for helping them with their plans.

Once you’ve done number 1, you will create a trusting environment. You can recommend that they “do the proper research” about your product.

Now, do your job. Book that demo or give this presentation.

Respect your prospect’s timeframe and listen. But, don’t forget to sell (gently).).

Your prospect or client should remind you that other companies are still buying, planning, and operating their businesses as best they can. You can help them stay competitive and make the most of an improving business climate when it is right.

Then, you can book demos and presentations and close sales.

It is important to not let yourself get discouraged. The best way to do that is to keep moving forward. You must take different actions.

These three techniques will help you reduce call reluctance and increase your sales confidence.

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