Three Reasons Why Crm System Becomes a Liability after a Few Years

Why CRM is a liability after two years!!

Selling is the most important activity for your business to grow! XLS can be too complex to manage. A CRM is essential. SMBs typically choose a SaaS CRM that offers great value and requires little capital. This makes sense…

Now, it’s been a few years since the CRM was last used. The CRM does not provide exact sales data or pipeline information. Worst of all, the CRM pulls the data from the CRM into an XLS spreadsheet.

After 2 years of CRM implementation, we are back in the XLS world!!

Other cases involve pulling data from the CRM system and loading it into a data warehouse for actionable insights.

Sales people dislike the CRM. The CRM is difficult to use and too time-consuming. They don’t get actionable insights from the CRM system that could help them sell more. It is not surprising that they aren’t motivated to use the CRM system, other than the push of the management.

It happens. Is it the CRM software fault or the company? You can blame the software or the company, but let’s focus on the CRM.

The following are three things people forget to consider when evaluating CRMs. These can cause problems later on.

1. Data Governance Capabilities

The majority of CRMs designed for small and medium-sized businesses are easy to use. They also offer a lot of flexibility that allows users to enter data. This is done to reduce complexity and avoid complaints about the software. This is a completely incorrect approach. e.g. Salespeople can be in any “Deal Stage” All salespeople can enter any “Deal Stage” they wish. In a few years, you might have 40-50 stages. If you have such a scenario, it is difficult to do a meaningful pipeline analysis. This is the data quality problem that most organizations have to face.

Zigihub offers strong data governance capabilities. Only admins can add master data such as deal stage, leadstage, etc. This protects the data regardless of how long it is used or how many people use it.

2. Capabilities of Master Data Management (MDM).

For any business to be able draw meaningful analysis, it is crucial that they have accurate master data. One of the most critical systems in which master data is added is the CRM system. It includes account, campaign, customer and demographics. Without MDM principles, CRM systems will quickly lose their data quality and become useless. An Account name is the most common example. Multiple salespeople can access the same account under different names, such as “Microsoft Inc”, “Microsoft Inc”, or “MSFT”. This makes it impossible to view the entire account from one location.

MDM capabilities are available on zigihub. MDM principles are used to design all critical master data. This ensures that there is no duplicate data. Administrators have the right to alter master data.

3. Business Analytics capabilities

An actionable insight-oriented CRM system must be more than a reporting and data entry system. This can only be possible if the CRM system has a historical record of all activities and changes that have occurred in order to provide actionable insights.

A CRM system that does not offer analytics will not allow a salesperson to make more sales. This is because the sales rep has no incentive to log into CRM, leading to low usage and little adoption.

Analytics is the core of zigihub. The machine learning algorithms make historical information and changes available. This information is used to give salespeople actionable insights. They can then decide which customers to target, which deals they should chase, and what actions they should take to make more sales.


The purchase of a CRM system is an important decision for an organization to grow its business. They will need it to continue to operate their business for many years. It is important to focus on the actual data and analytics capabilities of CRM systems in order to ensure they continue to be valuable over time.

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