There are 10 sure-fire strategies that can be easily implemented to generate online income streams.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can help you make a lot of money by working with businesses and brands to increase brand awareness and customer patronage. Affiliate marketing involves signing up for an associate program and then disseminating your unique affiliate code to get people to respond to the message. You get a commission every time a sale is made by a visitor to the code. There are many effective ways to engage affiliate marketing. These include running a blog or website, as well as social media marketing. A great strategy for affiliate marketing is to network with other marketers to share ideas and form joint ventures.

2. Google AdSense

Google AdSense has existed for years and continues to help average people make incredible amounts of money. Google AdSense is responsible for nearly every ad that you see when you browse websites. Google AdSense is a more lucrative program for site owners, the higher the traffic to the sites where Google AdSense ads are shown.

This is the hook: even though the program can generate thousands of dollars per monthly for blog and website owners, you can still sign up for and create a Google AdSense account for absolutely free. You can also monetize your website or blog through the program without spending anything. As long as you are able to channel substantial traffic to your site. Google provides a code to insert into your site. With this code, Google tracks your site’s matrices (page views, number of visitors) in relation to the program.

3. Lead Sales:

You can make a steady income by setting up a website and driving traffic to it. These leads can then be sold to businesses and people who have similar products or ideas. This strategy can be used in a variety of legitimate ways by a wide range of businesses and services. You can also set the price for each lead.

4. Forex trading

Forex trading is another lucrative online business. It comes with risks but it can make you a lot of money if you master the process.

Trading tools are an important factor in Forex trade. It’s easy to find the best tools and guides for Forex trading. Look for reviews that have received high marks from users who have used them. To get great advice on online tutorials for Forex trading, you can visit Forex forums.

You must also choose the best trading platform and harness the potential of that platform by choosing the right host. A VPS is also required to support the high-speed Forex transactions.

5. Selling books:

The use of digital files in the workplace as well as at home is increasing, which means that there are greater opportunities to make a living selling and publishing books online. Online resources are available to help you create and publish a book. Amazon offers the Kindle Direct Publishing program (KDP) that allows you self-publish your books through its Kindle platform. You don’t need to have a plan for creating great books ideas in order for this free self publishing scheme to work. Many websites, such as CreateSpace, allow you to bypass publishing houses in order to have printed copies of your eBook placed on the bookshelves and stands of bookshops.

6. Online consultations:

Online sharing of your expertise can lead to valuable compensations. When it comes to sharing your expertise online, you shouldn’t underestimate your potential. You can help businesses and people looking for consultations in your field by having the right tools and guidance.

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Start by signing up to consult sites like You can create appealing profiles on these sites that you can share with people looking for expert advice.

7. Podcasting:

Another easy way to generate steady income online is through an online podcast. For ad slots on the podcast, advertisers and sponsors will be willing to pay handsomely. It is easy to find a profitable niche for a podcast and to grow your audience. Once you have a large enough audience, it becomes easier to connect with sponsors and monetize the podcast.

8. Subscriptions are a way to gain expert knowledge

You might have heard of subscription boxes like Birchbox that are so successful it seems impossible for small businesses to manage a subscription box business. Many websites have been designed to make subscription box services more affordable and worth the effort for anyone who wants to share expert knowledge in exchange for a payment. SubHub, a website that allows you to set up a valuable subscription service for knowledge distribution. You can choose from a variety of courses and workout plans.

9. Remote ESL Tutorship:

Uncounted number of people worldwide are interested in learning English via the Internet. Even if you don’t have any certification to teach English, you can still earn a decent living teaching English. To schedule English lessons and get decent pay, you can sign up on sites such as SayABC.

10. Transcription Services

Online transcription services have been in demand for many years. Crowdsourcing sites allow businesses to access transcription services at attractive rates from a pool fast and efficient transcribers. These sites are accessible to anyone who does not have any previous experience in transcription. Once you have extensive experience in transcribing, you will be able to increase your rates.


You can turn any of these money-making schemes into a source of great income streams if you persevere and do your research. Once you have found what works for you, you can start scaling the business and making it more profitable.

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