The Vacation Sales Cold Call script

This script is perfect for cold calling. Destination vacations are a lucrative business. People who make 1,000 calls per semaine usually find 100 prospects that become 50 customers. This script is not unique. Everyone makes slight changes to scripts. You can discuss the wording with your sales manager, then you can test it on your next 100 calls to see if it changes.

“Hello, is there _________?

Hello, my name’s _________. I’m calling from _____________. (Customer’s first and last names)

I see you have completed a survey to express interest in a Hawaii vacation.

Our VIP Invitations have been released for Hawaii vacations. You can be one of them!

I am calling to verify that you wish to avail this Hawaii vacation package at a discounted price. Mr/Ms_______________________what do you think?

I will give you my information if you have pen & paper so that you can begin planning.

Again, my name is ________ and this is through _____________________________.

This Hawaii vacation package includes 4 days and 3 nights in Maui. Your airline will be _____________________________. The Hotel _______________ will host you for four days and three nights. We are a full-service travel agency that can help you find other airlines.

I understand that you are not responsible for your personal expenses and taxes. We also don’t charge any service fees. Last time I was there, I think I spent less than $25.00. I paid this at check-in.

Only 11 vacation packages to Hawaii are available, but I have many other offers for those who are interested. Are you ready to book this fantastic vacation?

It costs $698.00 per adult for two people and must be taken within six months. If you’re both over 21 years old, you can get to sunny Hawaii.

Are you sure you have your credit card in hand? Or do you need to talk with someone before buying?

This is the only package I am offering today. You would have to purchase today but you can take up to six months to book your dream vacation.

Ma’am, we have no hidden fees. It’s a good idea to mention it. But, here is one thing I would ask: I would love to hear from you once you are back home. What was the most thrilling, most beautiful, or most enjoyable part of this Hawaii vacation?

Yes, you can attach a snapshot if you wish.

If you’re looking to buy now, I can accept your credit card to get you set up.

Yes, Ma’am. Please read the numbers on my card.

That will be my reply.

I would appreciate it if you could verify your address so that I can send you your mail.

Wonderful! Write down your name and my phone number to answer any questions.

My Ticket Registrations might call you to verify your spelling or other details. I hope this is not a problem for you.

We are now all set.

I will enjoy the sun, sand, and sea. Aloha!”

Make sure you put your words and time into writing a script that conveys what you are trying to say as effectively as possible. You can practice phone sales by mirroring your actions until you are comfortable with them and can smile all the way. A great script for telesales is extremely important.

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