The Top 10 Solar Systems on the Market

Since their invention in 1941, photovoltaic cells or solar cells have made great strides. In their earliest days, solar cells had an efficiency of just 2 percent. The initial increase in efficiency was made by Les Hoffman, CEO of Hoffman Electronics Corporation. It was a remarkable 14 percent.

The efficiency of the solar cell is its ability to transform the incoming sunlight into an electrical current. According to solar technology news, continuous research and development of sun technology has resulted in a new global record in efficiency levels. 44.7 per cent is the current highest efficiency achieved by a cell in its experimental stage. Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy Systems deserves credit.

Solar panels can now be installed for commercial and residential purposes at a very affordable price. Here are the top 10 solar systems available.

1. Solland Solar model Sunweb

Solland Solar, a company that produces polysilicon PV cells, is one of the leading in this field. They can produce these cells non-stop, with a full production capacity of 135MWp / year.

Their modules have a 16.00% efficiency, which is the highest among commercially-produced solar modules.

2. Siliken – model SLK72P6L-305

Siliken has significantly improved their manufacturing standards for solar modules through automation. They are known for creating the highest quality solar modules from a variety of materials. With solar panels worldwide worth 500 MW, they are a globally recognized brand.

They have an efficiency rate of about 15.70%.

3. LDK Solar – model LDK-200P-24(s)

LDK Solar, a Chinese company, is the largest producer of solar wafers in terms of production capacity. The company offers a variety of products, including modules, wafers and cells.

The efficiency of their model LDK 200P-24(s), solar cells is 15.67%.

4. Vikram – model Eldora 280

Vikram, a prominent manufacturer of PV systems is India. Their Eldora-280 module boasts an efficiency rating of 15.63% and has secured them the number four spot.

5. Wiosun – model E300P

Wiosun, a German company, has produced some of the best PV modules anywhere in the world. Their unique combination of two technologies has helped them stand out among the rest. The E300P module boasts an efficiency rate of 15.54%.

6. A2peak – model P3-235-60

A2peak is a Taiwanese company that specialises in the creation of PV systems for residential and commercial applications. Their current model, P3-235-60, is among the most efficient PV modules in the world at 15.50% efficiency.

7. CNPV Solarr – model CNPV-300P

CNPV 300P modules have a 15.40% efficiency and are ideal for commercial and residential use. This module is made of premium polycrystalline material for optimal performance.

8. Latitude Solar – model Latitude P6-60/6

Latitude Solar, a Scandinavian company that produces PV solar panels to the highest standards, is Latitude Solar. The P6-60/6 model, which is an excellent example of Scandinavian engineering, offers a 15.30% efficiency for consumers.

9. JA Solar – model JAP6-60-250

JA Solar is the largest global producer of solar cells and is based here in China. Their multicrystalline silicon modular JAP6-60-252 is efficient at 15.29%. It is both suitable for residential as well as commercial applications.

10. China Sunergy – model CSUN295-72P

China Sunergy’s CSUN295-72P module is tenth in the list of top 10 solar systems worldwide, according to the latest solar technology news. Their module’s efficiency is 15.24%.

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