The Postgame: After the Trade Show, What to Do?

A trade show is a great opportunity for dental offices to learn new technologies and demonstrate products. It is easy for dental practices to get back to normal after a trade show and forget to maximize the value of the experience.

These five steps will ensure you get the most out of your time outside of the office, and that your attendance dollars are well spent.

Discuss the results with staff

Allow staff who were present at the trade fair to share their learnings with you in your next staff meeting. You will make your staff feel invested in their development and growth, which will reduce turnover. Other team members will also benefit from learning lessons from others.

Management of a dental practice should be focused on staff retention.

“Employees who feel supported in their professional goals will be more interested in their contribution to the practice and consider it a valuable part their career path.”

Dentistry IQ

Assess your practice needs

Once you’ve analyzed the latest technology, it’s time to gather with your team and evaluate your practice. To understand the timeframes and staff bandwidth required to implement these services, you should consider where your contracts are at. A DDS profit report is a great way to show your financial situation when you are looking at additional money.

It is important to have clear goals and expectations when it comes to new technology.

“The key is to identify the exact use of the technology. It will it be used to improve case presentation and education? Will it improve efficiency within the practice? It will also show to your patients that the practice is up-to date with dental advances. Then you can create the right plan of action once the reason has been identified.
Dental Economics Magazine

Take a look at Special Offers

After you have reviewed your needs with the staff of your dental practice, review any special offers that were made during the trade show. You may be lured in by vendors who offer specials only during the trade shows.

This could make it more difficult for you to implement the technology or change your financial situation. Before you jump at an opportunity, make sure to talk with sales representatives in detail. Also, get the entire deal in writing. Some special offers can be costly and may not be worth the additional burdens.

Use Social Media to Share Your Experience

Your patients want assurance that they made the right choice when choosing a dentist. You can reassure your patients by sharing information about recent continuing education opportunities or learning opportunities at trade shows or conferences.

Your work includes marketing your dental practice. Social media allows you to establish a relationship and build trust with your patients.

“Relationship marketing via social media allows your practice to stop focusing on what you do (dentistry) and instead focus on what you can make.
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

You can check your progress by regularly checking your DDS marketing reports to see which posts are doing well on social media. This will help your team decide what trade shows to share in the future.

Now you have the tools and knowledge to follow up on your trade show experience. Begin the conversation about next steps with your staff.

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