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The Entrepreneur’s Beginner’s Guide to Hashtags

A Few words can increase social media engagement

As you can see, there is no shortage of social media tips and tricks!

You may have also noticed that the majority of tips you see are about general info like how to get more likes or followers, or how do you post engaging content to engage your audience?

These resources are very important. However, I find that hashtags can sometimes be forgotten about.

They’re rarely mentioned in marketing articles, but they’re such a great tool for building your brand, raising awareness around marketing campaigns and engaging/entertaining your audience.

What is the Work of Hashtags?

I understand how overwhelming social media can seem to new users.

These words may have been seen on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the # before them. (The hashtag first appeared in 2007 when Twitter started using it to index keywords to make them easier to find.

But what do these words mean? Do you need them? They seem so random.

This guide will help you to understand hashtags and what they mean. So you can increase your social media engagement and lead generation.

You can think of hashtags as a way for you to categorize and organize your content.

They help people discover and share posts about a particular topic.

You create your social media posts by taking a word or two and adding the # (pound sign) to it. You don’t need to put spaces between words. The phrase will now be clickable and searchable on any social media platform.

The Right Hashtags

If done correctly, these tags will help increase engagement on social media and get more exposure for your company. Like any social media strategy you should do your research before posting.

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This will make it easier for you. Here are seven ways to choose the right hashtags.

1. These can be used for events.

This is a great way to get more engagement and excitement on your social media pages. The Cornucopia Wine Festival in Whistler, for example, shared many posts to their Instagram and Twitter accounts using the hashtag #Cornucopia2019. This was also shared by their followers and attendees.

2. Be famous and tag big brands

You can take a look at the latest trending Twitter topics and try to incorporate it into your posts, but only if it is relevant. People will see if your attempts to force them or make it up.

Examples include major sporting events, music albums, holidays, and books that are popular. In one of your posts, you might use the tag of someone famous in your industry.

3. Do your research.

A hashtag search can be used to find multiple posts related to the subject matter, regardless of whether you are researching the latest news about the Canadian Federal election or the Hockey Playoffs.

Social media platforms allow you to search tags for new ideas and spy on your competitors.

A great resource for searching popular hashtags is

4. Encourage sharing.

You will get more exposure, engagement, and traffic if more people share your hashtag and include it in their posts.

The campaign #ShareACoke campaign may be familiar to you. The company replaced its iconic logo on 20-ounce containers with 250 of the most recognizable American names.

This was one of their most successful campaigns. It resulted in a 2% rise in soft-drink sales. There was also lots of engagement on social media as people shared bottles and cans with their names on them.

5. Turn one tag into a campaign.

Many people monitor certain words. Keeping your eyes on one word can help you to build a following.

You could, for example, create a campaign that includes several posts about a product you sell or a holiday promotion.

6. Some weekly themes for posts.

This is a great way to tie in a trending tag to your business.

There are two common themes: #throwbackthursday is where people post photos of their past vacations and high school graduation photos. And #wisdomwednesday is where they share advice on a variety of topics.

#MotivationMonday is my hashtag. #TuesdayTip is on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter channels. I often add other popular hashtags to increase exposure.

7. Humour is a great way to keep your sanity!.

People love to share funny stuff, regardless of whether it’s a trending meme and a relatable tale. To encourage people to share, Jimmy Fallon created #MyWorstCostume as a hashtag on his late-night talk show.

You can reach a vast array of people who are looking for your product or service by understanding the hashtags that resonate with them. Start brainstorming ideas and researching ways to add fun tags to your next post.

Need help with hashtags? We have a whole division dedicated to social media for small business owners and entrepreneurs who understand the importance behind a social strategy but lack the time or resources to do it on their own. Let’s connect.

We are a team of professionals with each having two decades of experience in start-ups, sales, marketing, finance, HR, large scale project and profit centre management and running mature cross functional operations. At we are big believers that knowledge transfer is critical to our industry’s evolution. We love to share our experiences and learnings through our online resources.

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