The Best Tips for Effectively Using Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a powerful and efficient program. But sometimes, it’s not as intuitive or simple as you might think. It can be really frustrating when you know exactly what you are doing. shouldYou may be able accomplish a task with the software but not be able to figure out how. Sometimes the Help feature within the program doesn’t help you. Microsoft Word is something I’ve used for years and have taught others to use it. Let me share 3 tips that will help you get the most out of Microsoft Word.

Create lists with numbers and bullets

  • Press the “Enter” button to add your list. [Enter]Make sure to end each item on your list at the end. If you have any questions, please let the information run for a few lines and then press “Enter” to close it. [Enter]The end of the second line
  • Select the list. Highlight all text in your lists with your mouse. After it has been highlighted, go to the toolbar and click either the number list or bullet list icon. These icons are three small lines that have either numbers or dots on the right.
  • You can switch from numbers to bullets by highlighting the area and clicking on the other icon.

Change the bullets for another characterSometimes, you might not be happy with the simple black dot. You want to make your bullet point more interesting. You don’t have to be boring!

  • Take a look at your menu options near the top of your webpage. Look for the one marked “Format”.
  • Click on “Format” to choose “Bullets or Numbering.”
  • You must ensure that the Bullets tab selection is made.
  • Choose one of the bullet styles available.
  • Click on any style to customize. You’ll be presented with a variety of options. There are many fonts that you can use. You can also choose to use a symbol or a character.
  • Once you have selected the bullet that you like, click on OK.

Modifying the formatting of a word each time it appears– Use the “Find and Replace” tool to find and replace words you have used multiple times in a document. You might want to change the color of one word or to bolden it or to make it all-caps. This tip will help.

  • Be sure to start your document at the beginning.
  • Press [Ctrl+H]Click on the Replace tab to open your “Find and Replace”) tool.
  • The Find What and Replace With boxes should not be filled.
  • Enter the word you are trying to find in “Find What”.
  • Use the Tab key to go to the “Replace With” section. If you’re only changing the formatting but not the word(s), you can use the “Replace With” button.
  • Click on “Format”, at the bottom of this box. Click on “More”, if you don’t find it, and your options will expand. You can make the necessary changes in the formatting menu. You can modify the font, font color, font size and many other options you’ll see.
  • Once you are done with your changes click OK.
  • Click “Replace All” to complete the process.

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