Ten Best Android News Apps Free of Charge

Android news apps is one of the most practical and logically-oriented groups of applications. These apps are free and you should have them on your phone. These news apps are free from most major news sources, making them even more attractive. Everyone now has to decide which app(s) they want to download. Another thing to consider is whether or not you need a local news app. Although these apps are nearly always free to download, their quality can vary greatly, so it is really a market-by–market issue. This is a common belief. The larger the market, the better the Android news apps should be.

To determine which one of the many Android news apps you should download, it is best to read more about them. Below is some information on 10 of the most popular Android news apps.

FOX News
This Android app, which is free, tends to present its news from a more conservative perspective and spectrum. FOX News delivers the latest news from FOX News Network. You have the ability to control how many feeds you receive, and what type of news items.

Tech Buzz Widget
You want to stay up-to-date on technology news, including all the latest information about Android OS, gaming and mobile devices. This free Android news app will be of great value to you.

Another app provides news and information on mobile technologies. This one is more focused on information, news, and rumors regarding all the latest Android OS and Android Market.

Pulse News Reader
This Android news application will encourage you to use your Android phone for more news gathering. Its purpose is to make it easier and faster to read your favorite news sources. It separates your favorite news sites into different looks that make it easier to read and navigate. It’s a wonderful app.

NYTimes Android phone
This is an app that needs no introduction. It comes from one of the most trusted news sources in the country. You can now access the NY TIMES articles for free!

AP Mobile
This is one the most popular free Android news apps, with tens to thousands of users. AP Mobile provides you with exclusive access to all Associated Press newsfeeds – the same source which delivers news to every news outlet around the world.

BBC News
This app delivers the latest news from one of the most trusted news sources around the globe. It is compact and easy to use. You won’t miss an important news event in the world with BBC News on Android.

Express News
Express News, one of the most valuable free Android news apps, gives you instant access over 300 news providers around the world. You can access news sources from around the world, including the Associated Press and AFP. This is a great resource for people who want to get the latest news from multiple sources.

USA Today is undoubtedly one of the best Android news apps. You can get the most recent news (current events and sports, weather, society, and more) from the United States’ most popular newspaper.

NewsRob (Google Reader/RSS)
This Android app, which is free, syncs RSS/Atom content and the latest articles from your feeds. It syncs with Google Reader automatically and supports partial feeds if you wish to read the articles offline. It is easily said that it is one of the best RSS/Atom readers.

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