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Telemarketing Tips for Small Business Owners: Appointment Setting to Increase Customer Acquisition

Telemarketing tips for self-employed individuals and small business owners. Make cold sales appointments by calling to make more customers.

Many small business owners don’t have access to training in appointment setting.

If they want to attract more customers, they may make cold calls to schedule meetings. But without training, they could get many rejections and quickly become disengaged.

Not knowing how to effectively use benefits and features is one the biggest mistakes. These telemarketing tips will help you add benefits to your cold calls and make more customers.

Telemarketing Tips for Making Great Sales Appointment calls

A great cold call for sales is one that explains how to use the benefits and features of your call script.

You should use them because they are benefits for your customers. So, for prospects it tells them what you can offer them by listening to them.

Benefits are all about the prospect that you cold call. It’s the benefits they get from being your customer. It’s time and money savings that you can offer. It will make their business or life easier. They may need or desire it. However, it is not how they obtain it. That’s the benefit.

Benefits can often be described as feelings or emotions. They will feel safety, security, happiness, success, satisfaction, or any other feeling they can experience when they become your customers and your services provide them with these benefits.

Poor telemarketing calls for appointments can include lots of features but few, if any, benefits. Your products and services are what the features are about.

Benefits are what your features do for customers. They are what they get by using your products. This gives you the opportunity to talk with the customer about their needs and the changes that you will make to them. While you may need to mention features when explaining the benefits, keep it short.

Where can you find your calls to use benefits and features

Making appointment calls is a way to increase customer numbers. One of your goals is to keep prospects interested in you. You need to go beyond the introduction line and start a conversation about your prospect’s business.

Benefits should be used in your call introduction. Features can be added if necessary. What could or will give the prospect a benefit? Perhaps you are the best, most cost-effective, most knowledgeable, fastest, most caring and most qualified at what you do. These are all features, so you need to tell your potential customer what the selected feature will do for them.

The Reason Why You Call

Next, telemarketing tip: Use your greatest benefit and supporting feature as the reason you are calling the prospect.

Many self-employed and small business owners are unaware that calling prospects is primarily about the prospect. It might seem like your credentials, experience, and list of customers are all good reasons to call prospects to schedule a sales appointment. But they aren’t.

Tell your prospect why are you calling and what benefits you believe will interest them.

Acceptance to a Meeting

Once you have qualified the prospect to be a potential client, you must get their agreement to meet with you. This is another great opportunity to offer a benefit that will influence them to take the next step.

Explain to your prospect how they can benefit from working with you. They will be able to meet with you and see what that benefit might look like. The same benefit you mentioned earlier can be used as the reason why you called. It was your original reason for calling, and now you say it’s the reason you should meet.

Benefits for Small Businesses: How to Get More Customers

These are 3 areas where you can increase your success rate with telemarketing calls.

Your calls will be more successful if you have more prospects.

Take a look at what you are currently saying to cold calls. Are you using features that inform prospects about you, your company, and what you do?

You can change your perspective to make those features more beneficial and talk more about prospects than you. You will notice a significant difference in the quality of your calls by making this simple change. This will increase the number and quality of your meetings. You will also get fewer rejections and fewer objections. So you’ll be able to make more cold calls.

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