Selling is not your thing!

Salespeople are known for making people feel bad.They call strangers to make business decisions for them and make them feel stupid for having chosen their current provider. To get the only thing that matters, they feed off every negative emotion. They treat prospects like numbers and not as living, breathing individuals. It’s no surprise that people find salespeople pushy, rude, and annoying. They are not liked by anyone, and they don’t like people buying from them.

People buy from others.You can only connect with prospects if you act like a human being and not a salesperson. Treat them like people, not a sale. Your prospects are human just like you. Salespeople who rely on old-fashioned techniques such as automated messages and sales scripts often overlook their emotions. These emotions can be addressed and used to create a personal experience that will make the prospect friend and loyal customer.

Salespeople believe that making a prospect mad about their current supplier will make them look better.They attempt to identify the pain the prospect is feeling in their current situation and believe that by exposing it, they will get the prospect to switch suppliers. This is a bad idea! Negative emotions and pressing the prospect’s buttons will only make your relationship with them worse. Although you may be able to make the prospect mad, they will also be mad at you. Prospects will be more likely to close the deal if they feel the same painful emotions as you. It will also make things look good. If the prospect is not willing to change, you’ll lose them and their business. Your customer will be more likely to connect with you if they feel comfortable changing. Your prospect should know that it’s better to make changes than to stay the same. It is more complicated to create this emotion than the old world method. It is necessary to be less harsh with the customer and allow them to face the painful reality of their current situation. If they are unhappy about their current supplier, they can find the pain themselves. They don’t need your assistance in exposing the problem!

Salespeople place their reasons for selling above the customer’s reasons for buying.Let’s be real, customers may not get as excited about your product. Most salespeople sell products that are not interesting or very common. This is why it’s important to understand what your customer might want to buy your product. Engaging conversation and interesting questions can help you learn more about your customer and identify the benefits that they will receive by purchasing your product. Your job is to make the customer see these benefits. Engaging visualizations and creative thinking will make customers feel positive and make them feel great about their interaction with you. If they can see how satisfying your product is, it will motivate them to change their lives and purchase from you.

Salespeople ignore the fears of their prospects.Fear is often associated with making important decisions. You must first remove your prospect’s fear of changing the status-quo before they can make an important decision. Engaging in conversation is the best way to overcome fear. To help your prospect overcome their fear, you must take the time to get to know them. While change is difficult, your prospects will be more open to the idea of it. You can create a positive environment by listening to and responding to your prospects emotions. This will inspire and motivate your prospect not to be afraid of change, and to purchase from you.

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