Sales Meeting Strategies in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Today

The weekly sales meeting in commercial real estate brokerage can be an effective tool for building market share momentum and building sales teams. It is possible to plan the meeting well in order to create positive leverage and momentum throughout the agency.

The weekly sales meeting is a great idea for keeping agents focused and on task in most agencies. It is important to have an agenda in place. It is also important to keep track of and measure individuals’ efforts at the meeting. Positive recognition and tracking of individual performance are key to salespeople’s success. They know the value of this process.

The weekly sales meeting should be held in the mornings, before the start of the business day. The meetings should not last more than one hour to allow the team time to return to the marketplace and do the necessary daily activities.

The goals of the sales meeting should therefore be to achieve these:

  • To motivate the team with activities in listing and commissions
  • To keep the momentum going and maintain the focus throughout the group in positive ways
  • To measure and track the activities of individuals
  • To foster positive communication between sales and administration

Salespeople don’t like long meetings. A firm agenda is important for top agents and brokers when it comes time to report weekly and attend meetings. This should be managed by the team leader or sales manager.

Here are some tips to help your sales team create positive meetings.

  1. You should make it easy for people to attend the weekly meeting. It is possible to move the meeting around at different times and locations. Breakfast meetings are often very successful. Lunch meetings can also be very successful. An agenda is required for this process.
  2. A sales team that is successful will always benefit from peer group praise. This should be encouraged by the team leader or sales manager of the agency. If a salesperson is a great success, or has made an exceptional deal, it’s important to share this information with the group in the right context and at the right time.
  3. Allow the entire sales team and administrative team to meet once a month for social drinks. For the agency to succeed, it will be crucial that both sides interact.
  4. A points system should be established between sales staff members. The points system should be flexible and based on many different criteria. This will allow you to recognize and encourage everyone and not just top agents who have the best deals. Take a look at the various achievements of the week such as the best deal, best marketing campaign and the most inbound calls. Cold calling targets are also important. Exclusive listings are also included.

High-ranking brokers and agents value efficiency. They are also keen to get the message across quickly and effectively. A sales meeting should not last more than an hour. Minutes should be taken and agendas distributed prior to the next meeting. Respect the time of your top sales agents and they will be respectful to your attendance requirements for your meetings.

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