Sales Force Automation Solutions: The Pros and Cons

The sales force automation solution is used to automate sales leads within a company. It offers many useful features such as calendars, generation and sharing of information, contact management and proposal and presentation, product configurations and more.

Today’s sales force management systems and sales force automation solutions include many advanced tools, such as product knowledge and forecasting. This guide will help you understand the pros and cons associated with these automating solutions.


The system makes it possible for sales managers to automatically create several tables, graphs, reports and call sheets.

They could access more frequently and easily the order books, activity and stock reports, as well as other sales information, which could be used to exercise active control over various leads.

Advanced statistical techniques and analysis tools allow managers to analyze multiple information and data and automatically identify the most difficult and highest paying clients.

Managers can easily manage the productivity of their sales team using more sophisticated and advanced automating tools. They could calculate key functional indicators like income per sales district, incomes for sales people, amount of calls per day, price per call, allowances for clients, number of due accounts, number of client disputes, to name just a few.

These tools and applications automate the task of finding the right target markets and sections within the marketplaces for the marketing specialist.

This solution makes it easy for marketers to conduct market research and develop behavioral and demographic visibilities of very potential customers.

This management tool allows the marketer to identify corporate weaknesses and strengths. It compares the strengths and products of the competitors and takes the necessary steps.

This system automates the process of marketing and allows the person responsible to create the best marketing strategies using the variables of promotion, cost, and statistical distribution.

This software allows the marketing professional to coordinate with other sales activities, such as sales publicities, ad campaign, media promotion, and public relations.


It is possible for the automation solution to not be integrated with other parts of the company. This could lead to communication issues that can cause different sections to lose touch with the same customers for the same purpose.

Many automation systems can be very complex, making it difficult to learn and practice.

Nearly all sales force automation solutions require day-to-night data and information updating, regular upgrading, and system maintenance.

Many of the automation software, especially the more complex and extensive ones, are very costly and discourage small and medium-sized businesses.

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