Review of 12GB PS3

Sony has released a new version of its popular PlayStation 3 console that is suitable for those who don’t like to play many video games. It comes with everything you need, a controller, and can play PS3 games. But it is not designed for gamers who are serious about gaming. Sony’s latest PS3 model is slimmer than the Xbox 360’s 4 gigabyte system. It also comes at the $199.99 price.

All the PS3 gamers who are serious about their consoles are laughing at this moment. They are aware that they will need to either delete and reinstall multiple games at once, or buy a memory solution such as an external hard drive, flash drive, or a flash drive. Both of these options are compatible, provided they are formatted in FAT32 for the closest PC. This is because most PlayStation 3 games require that they be installed to the console’s internal storage to be used. Many games only need a few gigs. However, there are some triple-A titles that require several gigs. GTAV(8 gigs) Splinter cell: Blacklist (12 gigs!) require quite a bit more.

Now you might be asking yourself, “Who should buy this?” The short answer is “Pretty much everyone, except for hardcore gamers.”

A PlayStation console is more than just a gaming console. The consoles can also play Blu-ray movies and DVDs. This is a great addition for movie lovers. To get better picture quality from Blu-ray movies, you will need to upgrade the included cord. For a big improvement in picture quality, a component cable or HDMI cable will cost you a small amount. I will just be honest and say that if your HDTV is not showing standard definition DVDs then it’s not working right.

You can surf the internet with the PS3, and you can also use the controller. However, you can connect your USB keyboard or mouse to get a more PC-like experience. Access to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu is also available. A deal that Sony and Viacom have inked has been the subject of much tech news talk. The deal would allow Sony to provide its customers with access to Viacom’s television channels through an internet streaming service. We’re talking about live TV via the internet. Sony has reached out to Warner Brothers and Disney as well as other network providers. It will be interesting for the next few months to see if Sony can reach an agreement with them or other network providers.

The PlayStation 3 can stream media content from any compatible PC, even if your preference is not to subscribe to Netflix. You can view your video files, listen and play your MP3s, as well as browse your photos directly from your computer onto your TV. All this functionality is available while the PS3 plays games.

Let’s not forget about Microsoft, Sony has done a lot over the past ten year to make their systems more than just a game console. While the 12GB PS3 might not be the best for serious gamers, it is a great choice for anyone who needs a Netflix/Bluray solution in their living room. It makes a great gift choice for casual gamers, video game enthusiasts, or parents that want their kids to own it. SkylandersTurn off the TV in the family room and bring it back inside. Find one at your local Slackers.

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