News Flash: LinkedIn is NOT a dating site

Where do I begin with this one, Lord?

My fellow ladies. I am disgusted and disappointed. Why? LinkedIn is an online version New York City’s street.

I joined LinkedIn because I wanted to connect with professionals and improve my career. LinkedIn, however, has turned into a place where men can yell about me and my looks instead of my portfolio.

I’ll elaborate.

Here’s a LinkedIn message that a friend of mine received last Wednesday. My friend is a pretty blonde UCSB grad and a tech recruiter based in San Francisco. This was the first time she had ever met him.

Subject: Cute Smiles

It’s a beautiful smile that you have posted here. You look so elegant that it intrigues all who view your profile. When I saw your profile, I was browsing my connections and I couldn’t resist saying hello.

Sincerely, I am sorry for sending you such a personal message. I know that the Professional Networking site bans it. But, just as I said, I couldn’t resist saying hi.

Would you mind if we kept in touch? I would love to get to know you better.

We hope to hear from your soon.


This would be considered sexual harassment if it were said at work.

Many of us will laugh at it, but why not treat a professional network site as professional as the workplace?

Females have worked hard to achieve the right to be treated equally at their workplace.

However, this doesn’t mean that women aren’t interested in men on LinkedIn. Some men can be creepy LinkedIn nerds. This is only my personal experience. However, speaking with some of my friends, I know this is a common occurrence with many women.

Guys and girls, if you’re feeling the urge to get close to someone, that’s fine. Love is something we all need.

Follow these instructions next time you are looking to do some cyber creep.

Close LinkedIn



Download Coffee Meets Bagels

You can troll as much or as little as you like

Look at all the options! They’re sites that are specifically designed for dating. And they are not like LinkedIn. OKCupid has an even better filter to help you find people with a certain income bracket. You’ll find it much easier to keep online dating messages contained within an online dating website.

LinkedIn does not have a “hot man” or “at least an eight out of 10” filter, unless, of course. Perhaps that’s a premium feature?

If you need more solid advice, get OFF THE COMPUTER! You can meet a girl in person. We love that shit, as long as it’s funny and friendly!

Last little tip

To prove my point, I tried my hand at a little experiment.

I received over 1600 connection requests just by posting one model picture per day for the past five days. ALL FROM MEN My profile views increased from 200 per day to over 1000 per day. It was also the most disgraceful message I have ever seen! It is truly deplorable. However, creeps are at least consistent.

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