MLM 4.0 – How to Expand Your Network Marketing Business Online

The industry is characterized by multi-level marketing, direct selling and network marketing. This dynamic industry sees many entrepreneurially minded people taking on the opportunity to earn extra income by promoting third party products and companies. The promise of increasing financial returns is what often drives people to take on this business venture.

Many times, they are introduced to the venture by a friend or acquaintance, through a person at a booth at a trade fair, or through the product themselves. They start out as customers first, and then become sales associates next.

This is a difficult task, especially when selling to other people one-on-one. This is something many people fear. After purchasing a starter kit and paying the upfront fee for it, you must meet your minimum monthly quota to get paid every month. This often means that you will need to buy large quantities of products yourself in order to meet your minimum monthly quotas.After several months of work and large amounts of personal cash, many people give up.

You persevere because you are stubborn. Because you are determined and stubborn, or because the goal is too important for you to give up, you persevere. MLM’s require you to do face to face selling. This is because potential buyers can see that your passion for the product, which increases your chances of selling. A company doesn’t want to ruin their reputation by sending out 1,000’s to try and make a sale. You will be subject to strict guidelines when representing the company online.

Selling online allows you to avoid some of the worries associated with face-to-face selling. Cold calling prospects becomes less stressful. You can also automate much of your work so you can simultaneously expand your business in many countries.

How do you do this? Your network marketing company must be bigger than you. People must seek you out because of your expertise in your industry niche, and not because they know that you are selling product XYZ.

When you establish yourself online as an authority, you’ll gain followers and evangelists. Because you already have a relationship with these people through other methods, it is them that you can sell your affiliate products. It’s not spamming, it’s educating them. Then, you can offer your products and services to your followers to solve any problems they have already encountered.

To become an online authority figure, there are many things that you can do.

  • Blog, YouTube videos and podcasts can be used to offer advice.
  • Comment on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, Reddit or Google+
  • Wherever you are able, guest post
  • Start to send out e-mails, and grow your e mail subscriber base.
  • Start a podcast, host webinars, and so forth.

Don’t limit yourself to the products that you are promoting. You can build an online following by being an authority figure within your niche, and then assist them with your products. Your affiliate business will grow exponentially and quickly as a direct result.

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