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Mentorship for Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership – The Perspective

The future leaders are the youth. They should be treated as any other candidate for succession planning in any society or institution. Many of these candidates are enrolled in some kind of development programme to help them prepare for the challenges that they will face. Mentorship development programmes could be included.

Mentorship Development Programmes could include projects that give youth the chance to learn leadership skills as early as possible. The best programmes are those that are created by the youth, for their youth, with the guidance of experienced members of society, organization, or company.

The youth’s ability to develop leadership skills and leadership abilities is a sign of how effective youth mentoring programmes and youth leadership development are. Therefore, it is important to provide opportunities for youth to lead in NGOs, clubs, and community organizations. To encourage youth to develop their leadership potential, the country should establish national youth development organisations, programmes and projects.

These guidelines are used to package youth leadership development programs. These guidelines are based not only on years of experience but also on lessons learned from benchmarking programs in other countries. They are continually evolving and support youth development projects.

Mentorship intervention can be required for programs that cover many areas such as education, community, sport, entrepreneurship, and business. They are part of the country’s actual sectors and areas of development. The mentorship programs should reflect the needs of the society within these areas and sectors. The mentorship programme and other programs should be considered investment in the long-term.

These youth leadership programs could have a special dimension, such as entrepreneurship development. It is important to encourage entrepreneurship in youth early in life. This will help ensure the future supply of businessmen and woman. Programmes that focus on entrepreneurship development are generally well received by the majority of youth. Most of the opportunities for entrepreneurship are in the technology sector. This is because of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Technology startups by youth are becoming the norm. Mentors will have to be able to see the context that these youth are operating in.

For youth, entrepreneurship will be the best option for employment. Entrepreneurship is becoming more popular as more businesses are closing their doors. Youth entrepreneurship mentoring is in high demand. Mentors support youth entrepreneurs by connecting them to the right markets. Many governments have incubators and entrepreneurship support programs. These incubators make mentors available for youth entrepreneurs.

The youth must make a change and see entrepreneurship as an opportunity to solve the problems facing society. They are expected to pay attention to their overall development because they are young. Youth entrepreneurship initiatives should not replace education and development. Mentors should continue to encourage youth to consider all options for their future. We don’t expect them to reach adulthood at a certain stage of their development. They should enjoy every moment of their journey.

There is strong business case for youth leadership and entrepreneurship development. We are building a solid foundation for our future roles as entrepreneurs and leaders within the society. They can add significant value to the economy in their own countries as well as internationally. They are the future ambassadors for their countries’ businesses.

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