Melaleuca Wellness Company Advertising through Facebook – Special Report On Melaleuca

Thank you for reading this article. You are doing your homework before joining Melaleuca or any other home-based online marketing business. This is because someone has contacted you via Facebook and claimed that they have made online between 100,000-300,000 dollars with THE BEST opportunity.

You will be next to get the pink slip after watching the 12 minute video about how the economy stinks. They then tell you how you can change your life, but they don’t mention the company name. BIG RED flag when looking for a job opportunity.

I would like to be able to identify the company within one minute of joining any company before I apply. After moving on to the second video, the guy casually mentioned Melaleuca. I spent an hour messaging back-and-forth on Facebook, signing up to a cheesy Webinar, on a cheesy webpage with cash floating all around, just to discover that Melaleuca Wellness was online and promoting its products. Awesome.

Unfortunately, the way they approached me, sending me a personal message via my Facebook account to see if the product was available, was not professional or personal.

Facebook can be used to build genuine relationships between like-minded professionals and friends. After researching the guys who sent me the initial message on Facebook, I found NO information on Melaleuca, and no information on the gentleman personally, (besides a copy & pasted list of highly recommended books to give them a professional look).

After reviewing the Melaleuca website, I believe it to be a viable opportunity. The products claim to promote a healthy lifestyle. Melaleuca is not a scam. The wellness company has been in existence since 1990. You will need to ask your friends and family to join the company to make a huge income. It’s the truth.

Facebook was designed to foster and maintain lasting relationships. Not to bombard people with information about Melaleuca. Facebook is only able to create business partnerships when two or more people have met based on mutual interests in their PROFILE/PERSONAL information. After a relationship has been established, one person can invite the other to join a job opportunity. If a Facebook friend sends you an “too good to be true” offer, be skeptical.

If, and I repeat IF…the gentleman that contacted me had taken the time to get to to know me and establish a relationship with me, I would have been more open to the possibility of Melaleuca. I love to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. However, I felt a little violated by the marketing strategy and was forced into writing this article.

The bottom line is that if someone truly is committed to making a good living and having a comfortable income at home (which requires hard work and dedication), Melaleuca, or any other home-based business, they can. But only with proven marketing strategies used by professionals and industry leaders.

The only way to get endless leads and phone calls is to use proven marketing methods like SEO, article marketing and Pay Per Click.

The marketing strategy Melaleuca’s affiliates use to send out pre-recorded email messages via Facebook to signup and watch a silly (yes, I said cheesy again!) webinar seems a bit tacky. The tactics they suggest will destroy your Facebook image and make a difficult task of creating a home-based business. Social Media is now mainstream in today’s economic and social market.

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