Maslow’s Marketing Filter

The teaching of Maslow’s Needs Pyramid is an essential part of any marketing or advertising training. This pyramid shows how the different motivations and needs are constructed one upon another. This pyramid is meant to help marketing students understand consumer motivation and thinking. Problem is, I have never seen it in action, even in text books. It’s presented as the basis of human motivation, then it’s dropped.

I would like to show you how you can use Maslow’s needs pyramid to gain insight into the mind of your customers and help them understand their motivations for purchasing your product.

Maslow’s need pyramid outlines human needs so that each level can be met before the next; they are mutually reinforcing one another. From the most basic to the most complex, these are the needs:

– Physical needs: food, shelter, and sex

Safety needs: Clothing, weapons, defense of oneself

– Social needs: Social acceptance

– Self-esteem and acceptance

Fulfillment needs: A feeling of having and fulfilling an objective

Now the question is “How do you use this paradigm to get into the head of the customer?”

Let’s take a look at a personal training service. This is how it works at its most basic. Consider yourself the customer.

1. What impact will my personal fitness training have on how I acquire and use food? Of shelter? Of sexual behavior (Now you can see why sex is used to market so many products. We react instinctually to it.

2. What impact will personal training have on my personal safety and security?
You’ll feel better and be able to run faster against a mugger.

3. What impact will personal training have on my social standing? My social circle You have access to other social circles?

4. How can personal fitness training positively influence my self-image?

5. What impact will personal fitness training have on my sense of fulfillment?

These types of questions are common for most consumers. You will gain insight into the possible processes that a customer may be susceptible to when they consider purchasing personal fitness training services.

This will allow you to identify ways to market your personal fitness training services to consumers. Using Maslow’s needs pyramid helps you target your marketing. It is the foundation for:

Getting attention

Development Interest

Creating Desire

Facilitating Commitment

Motivation to Take Action

You’ll be able to respond to the internal dialogue of your consumer if you can use Maslow’s needs pyramid to get into their heads.

This type of filtering can help you create demand among those who haven’t yet expressed an interest in your product. You can simply put yourself in the position of the consumer and present your marketing message to them in a way that addresses each need.

Maslow’s need pyramid is an effective tool that every advertising and marketing student should know. However, it is best to understand and apply it if you want it to be of any use. Maslow’s marketing filter can be used next time you consider a marketing campaign. This will help you gain a better understanding of what the consumer thinks and feels.

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