Marketing with a Blended Strategy for Maximum Visibility

Marketing is complex and difficult. It requires effort and knowledge to master it and maximize its potential to grow your brand and business. An effective internet marketing strategy will allow you to grow your business online. Many internet entrepreneurs want to grow their business online and expand their presence. However, many fail to develop a comprehensive marketing and business development strategy. They tend to focus their efforts online. Unfortunately, this is a HUGE error on their part.

My career as an entrepreneur and business owner as well web designer has seen me work with many businesses and individuals who want to expand their reach, build brand awareness, and create strong internet presences. I found two common themes in my conversations with many of them, despite all their questions. Either they feared the idea that major internet campaigns would be undertaken or they believed that traditional marketing methods would be replaced by internet marketing. These fears stem from the fact that most of them did not have the knowledge to understand that traditional and internet marketing should complement each other, thereby allowing them to draw on their strengths. This is what I refer to as blended marketing.

Why Marketing?

You need to understand that your website or blog is just an extension of your business in order to make any type of online income. Before you can identify how your blog/website can be used in your overall marketing strategy and business development strategy, you must first develop your business model. A marketing strategy is essential to grow a business. It is not enough to just create a website or blog and expect business to start coming in. It is important to have a strategy in place in order to attract the potential buyers.

A little perspective can make all the difference

I am a successful internet entrepreneur who is also an expert in internet marketing. I use a blended marketing strategy to expand my reach, increase exposure, and better target my audience to grow my internet business. I would like to show you how a mixed marketing strategy can help you. I also share some of the techniques I use in creating your blended marketing plan.

Rena Bernstein, a Social Media Today blogger, has a great post entitled “Integrating Social Media With Traditional Advertising to Gain Higher Returns” that will give you a better understanding about blended marketing. It’s a fascinating read, and it provides valuable insight as to the benefits of blended marketing as well as concrete examples of how effective it can prove to be.

What is blended marketing?

Blended Marketing is basically a combination of internet marketing and offline marketing methods in order to develop a better overall marketing and business development strategy. Many businesses fail to incorporate both traditional and internet marketing strategies together. If you take advantage of both the strengths and weaknesses of both traditional and internet marketing, your business will be better positioned for success.

A blended marketing strategy is a combination of traditional and internet marketing strategies. It aims to help you increase your search engine rankings, internet exposure, and offline reach.

Blended marketing strategies can include using an email campaign and a direct mail campaign together to give a promotion to a limited number of recipients. A few email marketing platforms offer a service that will send a direct mailing piece to your list if you have addresses for all the recipients. This is just one example that shows how a blended marketing strategy can help you reach more people from different sources.

Benefits of blended marketing

Blended marketing strategies have many advantages that can help you grow your business more quickly than if there wasn’t one. You can:

  1. Get More Exposure
  2. Multi-channel marketing efforts online and offline can be used to reach the same audience
  3. Monitor the effectiveness of various campaign efforts
  4. Recognize the Strengths of Online and Offline Marketing Strategies
  5. Multiple promotions for different marketing strategies
  6. You can generate multiple sources to feed your sales funnel
  7. Online and offline, create brand awareness
  8. Online and offline marketing of products/services
  9. You are a solid, stable business.
  10. Sales Increase

These are only a few benefits of a blended-marketing strategy.

Create a blended marketing strategy

It’s not difficult to create a blended marketing plan if you have a clear understanding of your target audience, and know how to reach them. Once you have identified your target audience, you can create a marketing plan that allows you to reach them on multiple channels to make sure your message gets across.

Market research is the first thing you should do. Conducting market research requires you to identify:

  1. Who are your target audiences?
  2. Where they Hang Out
  3. How to Get There
  4. What are their needs?
  5. How to Fill Their Need
  6. Will They Buy?

To be successful online or offline, you must identify the market for your product.

The second step is to start creating your blended marketing strategy. It will incorporate all resources that you have to reach your market. This is where the real fun begins. This is where the fun begins! It is possible to include links to resources for syndicating your content, not only for online, but also for offline purposes such as industry journals and magazines. What can you do to replicate an email marketing campaign offline using direct mail pieces? What industry events and business networking events can you attend to increase brand awareness if you use the Third Tribe concept in your online marketing? Think about how social media will be integrated into your blended marketing strategy. How can you encourage people to follow you through your offline efforts.

A blended marketing strategy should mirror your online marketing efforts and include real-world, offline marketing activities that may accomplish the same or similar tasks as your online efforts. Start by asking yourself the following question: “Self, which offline marketing effort is similar? Then make a list of related marketing strategies and choose which one to include in your blended marketing strategy. This process will require a lot of time and effort. The more you spend time on market research and developing your blended marketing strategy, then the better it will be.

I hope you found the information useful. You can use what you have learned to create your unique blended marketing strategy, whatever your business may be.

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