How to use the internet to build your financial network marketing business

If you are a financial marketer, or want to be one, there are some upgrades that you need to make to the marketing plan. Online strategies are becoming more popular among financial network marketers, but this is changing.

Most likely, this is because there are many compliance problems when marketing financial services. You may not need to work with your compliance department to have your social networking pages and email messages approved by them.

Many times, you’ll find that there are pre-approved emails, letters and videos you can use to reach your market. You will get further in marketing if you use them sooner than you think.

Next, you’ll need to learn how transfer your existing marketing methods to more modern marketing strategies. Let’s look at three key changes you can make to make this happen.

1. Self branding

The old concept: Financial network marketers are rarely branded as financial professionals on their first day. This used to take time. Back in those days, you could jump from one job to another as a financial network marketer.

Updated: You can now brand yourself online by first creating your own website and then by setting up a social media account. Next, add some content about yourself and information about your business. Instead of focusing on your products, you need to be able to lead with who you are and not what you sell. Next, you will find information about your new business.

2. Market Development

The old concept: Back in the day, you followed your company’s marketing strategy. This would include creating a top 100 list that you knew. You would then narrow your list down to the most qualified prospects. Next, you would call the prospects by phone and invite them for a business meeting.

Updated: Take the same list, locate each person in social media, and then friend them. You can then invite them to your mailing list by using an opt-in form. You can then send them information on your new company via autopilot.

3. Attracting Markets

The old idea: You used to know all the scripts so you could invite your family and friends to a meeting. Get them to set up a time when you and your leader can come to their house to present your ideas.

Updated: Today, you begin by creating a list that is interested in your work. This is done by creating interesting content for your blog, article sites, social media pages, and video marketing pages. These content will attract people who are interested in what you have to offer. The next step is to follow up by calling and moving them on to become a client or business partner.

Your page is now complete and looking professional. Your email opt-in will allow those who are interested in you and your products to enter the gate. You will then send them a series guiding them smoothly to your products. You can follow up with them once they have expressed interest. Most prospects are very interested in the prospect and will chat with you or meet you to learn more about you.

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