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How to Use Google AdWords for Business Development

AdWords, an online advertising platform developed by Bill Gross, was released for the first time on 23 August 2000. Salar Kamangar was responsible to the creation and development the AdWords concept. He was the initial business hire at Google, and he managed the creation of AdWords.
Google AdWords, an online tool created by Google, allows you to promote various products and services in order to draw more people into your domain. It provides information that helps service providers answer the question of “what the consumer is searching for?” It provides detailed information about how many searches have been made for a specific requirement over a period of time.
Google AdWords can be used by digital marketers to rank websites based on keywords that are relevant to a specific project. It can also suggest other keywords that will improve the page’s layout. The application will also provide suggestions based on the number of searches they have had and the length of time they have been considered.
Google AdWords also offers paid advertising. AdWords was Google’s main source revenue in 2017, accounting for over half of the company’s advertising revenues. AdWords is a pay-per click (PPC), pricing model. Many businessmen use this service to pay Google per click that leads consumers to their site via the Google search engine.
AdWords offers local, national and international distribution. These ads are displayed by Google in textual, visual and video formats.
Google AdWords, the most popular online advertising platform, is also a resource for learners to help them understand the concept digital market.
It is the foundation of digital marketing as it allows for keyword searching. You can sign it in with gmail ids, as everything is under the Google flagship.
Google ads features
1. Google generates 33% of all online advertising revenue (38.6 Billion out of 117.6 Billion).
2. Google ads have an average click-through rate of 3.16%
3. An average click-through rate for an advertisement in the first search position is greater than 7%
4. More than 1.2 million businesses have advertised on the Google Search Network.
5. Sites that are part the Google Ad Display Network include: More than 1 million
6. YouTube, part of the Google Ad Display Network, has a monthly viewership that is equivalent to approximately 10 Super Bowl audiences
7. An average YouTube homepage advertisement costs $400,000
8. Google Mobile Ads is currently served by at least 300,000.
9. Phone listings work: 70% mobile searchers can call a business directly via Google Search
10. Mobile is responsible for 33% of all Google Search clicks
11. The fourth quarter 2013 saw a 12% increase in PPC ads spending.
12. Google AdWords click-through rates increased 25% in Q4 2013, compared to Q4 2012.
13. The total AdWords Spend increased by 27% between December 2012 & December 2013.
14. 72% of Google AdWords advertisers plan to increase their PPC budgets in 2014.
15. Online marketing is 54% more successful than traditional methods, such as PPC ads.
16. Local TV advertising, on the other side, is 1% more successful in generating leads
17. AdWords can bring in $2 to $1 per dollar of revenue for businesses.
18. 45.5% cannot tell the difference between paid and organic search results if there’s no right-hand column.
19. “Insurance”, is the most costly AdWords keyword. It averages $54.91 per click
20. Google Display Network delivers 180 billion views each month. This is approximately 6 billion per day.

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