How to obtain a VA loan for your home

Veterans of the United States military who have served in the past or present are eligible to apply to a VA loan for their primary home. VA loans make homeownership more affordable for military personnel. Veterans must complete the appropriate application process to be eligible for this loan.

What is a VA loan?

For veterans and active military personnel, the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs provides a VA home loan. While they don’t provide the money, they guarantee private lenders who make these loans. Veterans can purchase a home with no down payment and negotiate lower mortgage rates. You can also use it to refinance property purchased under the VA program. VA loan home loans are available to veterans with service-related disabilities. Native American veterans can also use the program to buy property on tribal-owned land.

Your Certificate of Eligibility

If the applicant is currently serving in military service, the applicant should visit his or her commander, personnel officer or adjutant to get a Statement of Service. It will show the name of applicant, social security number and date of birth. The entry date for active duty, duration of any time lost, commander name and date. Eligibility depends on how long the service has been completed by both active duty personnel and reservists. All veterans who have ceased to be in active duty should retain their Service Record. Approval depends on Honorable Discharge from military service. The Department of Veterans Affairs will issue the Certificate once the information has been verified.

Choose Your Property

The applicant can then start to look for suitable properties to buy. The VA does not have a limit on how much you can borrow to purchase a primary residence. However, the VA cannot accept liability for mortgage amounts beyond what a service member is entitled. The basic entitlement is $36,000. However, that is not the maximum. The location of your property will determine the maximum loan amount. This can range from several hundred thousands to hundreds of millions. An expert loan consultant can help you determine the maximum amount you are eligible for.

Talk to a VA Loan Specialist

VA loan specialists can assist you in many ways. He or she can assist you in many ways.

Get in touch with your lender

Once you have found a home that is suitable, you will need to apply for a VA loan guarantee with a private lender. When applying for the loan, the service member must provide the Certificate of Eligibility. A Statement of Service may be required by the lender to verify military service. For military veterans, records of retirement benefits or income may be required.

Your credit record

Your Certificate of Eligibility may help you secure a mortgage. However, the lender can deny your loan application if your credit history shows problems with payment. For a good credit rating, the veteran should ensure that all past debts have been paid on time. Prior to applying for a loan you should discuss any issues with the debtor. You can ask your VA loan specialist for assistance.

Approval of your Loan

You will be notified by the lender of the approval of the loan along with information about your mortgage rate. To take possession of the property, you will need to be present at closing to sign the papers.

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