How to Design a Fast Lube Shop: What Oil Change Franchise Managers and Owners Need To Know

This is a quick, simple and inexpensive way to get your work done. This is what consumers are looking for wherever they go. You may be surprised at how many fast-lube shops you will find wherever you go. Many have oil changes that include a carwash, coffee shop or diner. A business’s location is crucial, especially for an oil change franchise.

You are thinking of opening an oil change franchise. Search online or contact a realtor. A fast lube company must be located. Shops should be easy to access from all sides, easily visible with clearly labelled prices and services.

Urban development is also an option. Are there enough oil change franchises? Traffic is a problem. Is there any street obstruction, such as a median or no-U-turn near your business that prevents customers from entering or exiting traffic patterns?

After a site is chosen, shop design follows. You have two options depending on your city’s building codes. Owners believe a full basement is more efficient because lifts can slow down services and customers might choose another type of lubricant.

Designers must decide how many bays a shop will contain if a basement is being used. Before offering suggestions to the builder, shop owners need to measure the space. Multibay oil change franchises are more efficient and can service more cars at the same time. You can store bulk oil, cleaning materials, and other supplies in a basement with catwalks.

To minimize the risk of injury, safety precautions should be taken. Install easy-slide pit covers to prevent customers or employees from accidentally falling through basements with open pits. The covers slide down to the pit and are four feet long. The covers can be re-attached after the service has been completed. This will seal the pit.

The floor type is an additional safety issue that should be addressed when planning for any oil change franchise. The floor should be resistant to scratches and have a rough texture. A clean and tidy shop is just as important. You should clean up small spillages as soon as possible.

For the most successful oil change franchises, efficiency and convenience go hand in hand. Owners should pay attention to the flow of traffic into and out of their shop. The shop’s design should be accessible to both the customer and the city traffic. The “one-way in, one-way out” layout is the most efficient and practical. Cars drive from one side to the other, pulling into the bay entrance.

Once the structure for the oil change franchise has been established, it is time to think about organization of supplies. You can store oil filters, transmission fluids, oil bins, cleaning materials, rags, and other supplies so you have the best possible time. A basement is the best place to store all supplies. A garage with shelving near the mechanic’s area will reduce the time it takes to gather oil and other supplies needed to service vehicles. All shelves should be labeled with the type of oil and air filter. This will save mechanics time and allow them to stock items or take inventory.

Bulk oil can be stored in overhead tanks for gravity oil extraction. It helps reduce oil consumption. Buried tanks can waste more oil, so they need to be filled less often. Above-ground tanks should also have secondary containment.

There are many options for designing oil change franchises. Efficiency and convenience should always be top of mind.

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