How PODS Franchises Work is the official website of Portable on Demand Storage. This moving and storage company was established in 1998. Americans who need to move intrastate or interstate can rely on PODS, which is synonymous with the industry. How would you like the company’s name to make a profit? It is possible to profit from the franchising opportunities provided by the organization, which currently has more than 140,000 storage containers in use and uses a unique method for delivery and packing. Arcapita purchased PODS in 2007 for more than $450 million. It has gained popularity over the years so you can only imagine what it is worth today.

Is it a good idea to open a PODS franchise?

Although a PODS franchise looks great due to its profitability and brand awareness, it may not be the best option for you. You must do your research and determine if investing in a PODS franchise could be a lucrative venture. has a lot of information that can be very useful when you have questions about franchises.

Qualifications for a PODS Franchise

It is difficult to become a PODS franchisor if you do not have the savings and banking account of an average American. states that applicants must have a net worth of at least $1 million. 30% of this must be in liquid assets like stocks. However, some websites offering information on franchise opportunities say that the maximum investment is closer to $10,000. It is clear that wires were crossed somewhere along the way.

Additional Information says that you will be paid royalties of 8 % on your net sales. There is an additional advertising fee of 2 % of your net sales. The minimum term for the franchise is 20 years. If your franchise is successful, additional terms of 10 or more years may be available. There are always PODS franchise opportunities in the United States. Current vacancies can be found here.

Why Choose A PODS Franchise

PODS is the most well-known name in an industry that is expanding at an exponential rate. PODS has delivered over 2 million containers in its relatively short history. Customers continue to flock PODS because they trust it for their self storage and moving needs. The company makes hundreds of millions of dollars annually and buying a franchise is almost certain to succeed because of the support of the corporation.

Your success will bring in significant revenue for PODS so it is only fair that they will look out for your best interests. There are over 50,000 storage units in the United States. This number is increasing rapidly. Self storage’s success is not slowing down as Americans continue to hoard all their belongings. A PODS franchise might be a good option for those who are already wealthy and want to make enough money to retire. This franchise is not a good option for people who have a high level of income and savings.

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