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Here are some new ideas for small business holiday marketing

Every retail store seems to put up Christmas decorations 2 seconds after Halloween. Extended hours and sales are two of the most common ways retail stores capitalize on holidays. All of this is fine and dandy. I’d like to offer you a surprise by sharing some innovative ways you can think about holiday promotions.

People are tired of holiday crowds. This is evident in the rise of online sales and declines of traditional retailers’ sales. It seems that people are buying less gifts but more expensive luxury items.

We should all be marketing with the customer in our minds. What do you know about people in this season?

– Time is scarce. There are too many things to do. People are able to shop more than usual. People are often under extreme stress. – People like to decorate their homes and clean them.

These are just a handful of factors that can affect people during the holiday season. You can probably think of more. Consider these points and you will be able to give.

Here’s a great idea I didn’t know existed. Please credit me if you do use it. You can offer gift wrapping at no cost if your store is open. A chair massage is a complimentary service that people can receive while they wrap their gifts. Partnering with a local spa or massage school could give each customer a coupon. Your customers will be able to save time and reduce stress by forming a partnership with the spa.

Offer to winterize additional services to your customers if you’re a household service provider. This will help them save time. Offer a holiday housecleaning service for no cost. You don’t have to be a professional cleaner if you want to help someone else.

Giving away giveaways is great. Free Christmas trees can be given away – depending on your location, you could purchase a few hundred at $10 per piece. You could get a tree for as little as $100. Many grocery stores offer this deal: Give away turkeys or complete turkey meals.

Everyone gives away calendars. Try to find something new and still useful. If you live in the north, how about ice-scrapers? If the weather turns cold, promotional items such as blankets, sweatshirts, and caps can be very useful.

Holiday cards are great. They are loved by people and they can be displayed or received. Although it is unlikely that anybody will send Thanksgiving cards, you should consider doing so. It is important to consider religious beliefs in today’s politically correct world. If you’re not sure that your customer celebrates Christmas, send Happy Holidays cards instead of Merry Christmas Cards.

Consider adding on gifts to any retail business. If you purchase a certain amount of ornaments, a florist might offer a free gift-wrapped ornament that can be shipped to another address. Two gifts for the cost of one. Holiday times are great for offers like “Buy one, Get One Free”

This holiday season, use your imagination to think of ways you can help your customers.

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