From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur

While “entrepreneur” is a well-known term, many people don’t know much about it. “Infopreneur” is a brand new term. Infopreneur is the combination of “entrepreneur” & “information”. Infopreneurs are able to sell digital products and informational items online because of technological advances. An infopreneur can be described as an entrepreneur who makes use of the digital world. They sell products such as ebooks, books, websites, blogs, website design, and even webinars.

It doesn’t matter what skills an entrepreneur has, anyone can be an informationpreneur. Many infopreneurs outsource tasks that they are not proficient at and make good use of their skills.

When it comes to running a business, there are some differences between infopreneurs and entrepreneurs. There are many opportunities online that entrepreneurs don’t have access to. Entrepreneurs who take on the risk of owning the business must be skilled in management. Infopreneurs are able to take advantage of the market and can accommodate a large number of customers than entrepreneurs. This is because infopreneurs can access many online platforms that allow them to connect with more customers than brick-and-mortar businesses owned by entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs and infopreneurs both require the same fundamental qualities: determination, confidence, and risk taking. The goals of both entrepreneurs and infopreneurs are the same as any other business. They aim to generate higher revenues and incorporate new ideas continuously.

Because of the lower capital requirements in this area, there is a gradual shift from entrepreneurship to informationpreneurship. For innovation and creativity to fully benefit from technological advances, intellectual capital is necessary. If the work is outsourced or one doesn’t have established contacts, time and energy should not be wasted on hiring employees. An infopreneur is at greater risk because it is more difficult to get ideas and make the business a success. Other risks, such as legal, financial and social risks, are less for infopreneurs. Infopreneurs are more flexible and have more time than entrepreneurs.

The majority of the work done by an infopreneur is self-directed, beginning with publishing information in electronic format. An infopreneur may use the services of a provider to copy information as cheaply as possible so that he or she can sell the final product. Online marketing is a skill that infopreneurs excel at and it is what has made them successful. They understand how to drive traffic that will help them increase their online sales. They are also skilled copywriters which is an important skill they use in order to increase their profits.

Today’s technological advancement and progress places knowledge at the forefront of our society. This is why infopreneurs are in high demand and have the fastest rate to succeed by sharing and selling information via the internet. This is a new way to run a business that matches the technological pace and seizes new opportunities.


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