Franchising Dissertation Topics

My guess is you are interested in franchising, which would explain why you are looking for topics related to franchising. But, I must make assumptions about your perspective. Do you see franchising as a way to take a business you’ve built to a point of success, or are you thinking about buying a franchise for your business? Let me offer some suggestions from both sides, along with their possible reasons for interest.

Start a successful business by franchising

The Franchise Disclosure DocumentWhat should you do? Do you prefer to work with a franchise development firm or a local attorney? What information will you choose to include in this FDD?

Selecting a firm to develop your franchise offering: Do they need someone local? Do you plan to develop any documents in-house or will they be outsourced? If it saves money, can you work remotely with someone?

Policies and procedures: Are these documents already in your possession? How user-friendly is it? Are you requiring strict compliance now? Do you expect strict compliance from franchisees?

TrainingHow much training will your company provide? Do you only focus on product operations and knowledge? Do you plan to teach marketing and sales skills? Is it one-time only or ongoing? Is it possible to receive training at the headquarters or at your franchise location? How much will this all cost? What amount will the franchisee reimburse?

Marketing: How will your new franchise opportunity be promoted? Franchise brokers, conventions and industry publications will be used to market your franchise opportunity. What are the best ways to use the internet? What are the cost?

Which of these topics in franchising are most appealing from this perspective, and why?

Finding the right franchise for your business

CostHow much can you afford? Consider your daily expenses and cash flow while the business is being launched. How much cash do they have? What’s the best way to borrow money? What is your credit rating? Do you feel open to the idea of using retirement funds? How does that happen? Is there anyone who can help me set this up to ensure that there are no negative tax consequences?

FitWhat are your experiences? What activities are you most passionate about that may be useful in your new venture? You will do certain activities if you like them. This helps you achieve your goals. However, if you are in a business that requires you do activities you dislike, the business may fail. What products or services are you passionate about? Which personality traits would work well in specific business settings? What can you do to match these personality traits with franchises?

Licensing: Which franchises require which licenses? What licenses will be required for which employees?

Structure: Should your company be a Limited Liability Company? An ‘S’ Corporation? Or a ‘C Corporation?” What and when would one be better than the other?

Marketing: Does the franchise provide my marketing methods? Do they have all the necessary marketing procedures? What marketing techniques are the best-performing franchises using? These marketing methods can you copy? What can you use the franchise to do?

Are you interested in any of these franchising dissertation subjects when buying a franchise

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You may think of other topics. For greater relevancy, you might combine the franchising dissertation topics with topics that are not related to franchise business. It is a good idea to mention how marketing impacts both perspectives in every case. In today’s competitive world, your company is falling behind its competitors if it doesn’t use the internet. Find out how to do this efficiently. You can start now by thinking about it.

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