Five Top Tips for Beginners in MySpace Music

The problem with most articles about MySpace tips is the fact that they don’t mention that you can join many accounts. You can choose between a musician and user account. The musician account is required if you are a musician. You may think I’m smart, but you don’t have access 3 more MP3s. Which is quite a lot.

All right. Let’s get to the MySpace tips!

MySpace tipsMySpace’s slow loading times will make it difficult to use flashy files and games. MySpace doesn’t allow you to upload graphics. You can instead load them yourself using your own bandwidth. This will make it easier for larger files and images to be loaded faster.

These are the words to remember for any site:

Clear, concise, and clean

Try to create a website identity, using certain colors and/or a logo. Sites that are easy to navigate and quick to find what you need are the best. It must be easy for the friend to sign up.

MySpace tipsHow many people have MySpace profiles? You have 106 million friends on MySpace. It is not the right answer, the main reason being that they don’t all like your music. Therefore, we need to search for the answer.

Downloaders who are like-minded and friends

MySpace provides several tools that can help us accomplish this. First, the search engine. To reveal blogs, music interests and more, click on the drop-down bar. The drop down bar will open allowing you to search for artists similar to yours.

You will see further below that the affiliation for networking allows you to reach record companies and industry professionals (make sure “field” is music).

MySpace tipsYou can make more friends by searching for similar artists. Look at their comments and click on view all. If your initial search was successful, these friends may be able to like your music. These friends are both Spacers and fans of the artist. The most recent comments will be at the top of this page. You should only contact the friend with the most responsible comments.

MySpace tipsYou don’t always want to be 3000 miles from a friend, especially if your goal is to gig. You can search for people in your area by using a zip search or county search. These people will be more likely to visit your venue if you start playing gigs.

Increase your zip search of surrounding areas. Post a gig once you have it ready. It is a good idea to post in your forum one month ahead of time, and then another week, just to allow for everyone to see the message.

MySpace tips 5MySpace was created by friends and is now a pimped blog. We must also interact. This is the most time-consuming but also the best way to network. Simply go to the homepages of your friends and click on the Add Comment link at the bottom.

As we’ve seen with the send message weapon, add a comment can either be done correctly or incorrectly.

It’s wrongThis is a common occurrence, but it’s not true 80% of all the time.

1. = “you rock”!

2. = “see my music on”

The right way

Wow, that is a great tune! [name] is. I particularly like the middle section with the drum solo. Where did you get the great background?

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