Five Key Tips to Manage a Restaurant

You need to be able to manage a restaurant as well as interact with customers and other staff members. It is not easy to manage a restaurant.

Managers should be able and willing to work long hours, up to 8-12 hours per day. Managers should also be trained in managing people, labor costs, customer service, and customer service. They must be trained in all aspects of the restaurant business.

The following five essential attributes are important for every manager:
1. Maintain an open mind
2. Accepting criticism
3. Large amounts of information should be retained
4. Having excellent customer service skills
5. Understanding the two sides of the story

Sometimes, it can take years to train someone in this industry. You can either get a college degree or move up the ranks to become a manager.

Over 25 years I’ve been in the restaurant industry. I’ve worked with both types of management. Both paths have their advantages and disadvantages. Either way, it is important to train managers in order to fully understand their role within the restaurant.

Many managers who come straight from college have had little to no experience in the restaurant business. Perhaps they have worked in fast food or as a server or cook in a chain restaurant. They might have never worked in a restaurant before. They will bring a lot of life experience to the managerial role. While a college graduate might have some head knowledge, they may not be well-versed in the restaurant industry. A college graduate may not be aware of the job’s complexity. Training the new manager is essential, regardless of whether they have a degree. Everyone can benefit from training.

People who have been promoted up the ranks may have a better appreciation of their experiences. To fully grasp the manager’s role, however, they will need additional training. Moving into management is often difficult for people who have held other positions. For someone who wants to become a manager, training is essential. This person must be able to see the restaurant from a new perspective.

Although it may seem easy, many people believe that being a restaurant manager can be difficult. Managers are responsible for many responsibilities. Managers face stressful situations every day. They must maintain their composure and respond calmly to all situations. Managers approach situations differently.

It’s similar to an automobile shifting its gears. You must consider the consequences before you take a particular decision. Before you make a shift, think about the outcome. You shouldn’t just do it because you feel the urge. Managers make mistakes throughout their careers. Learning from your mistakes is the key to success.

There will be new mistakes. However, you won’t make the same mistakes repeatedly.

You will find some insights and tips here on how you can be a respected manager.

1. Open-mindedness to change is key. There are always changes in the restaurant business. Policies and procedures are continually updated. These changes are necessary for managers to adapt to. These changes may not be what you want or need, but it’s the manager’s job to implement them and keep them in line with staff. Do not just complain about a change. Your supervisor should be able to offer alternatives and possible reasons. You can be firm in your support for the policy but also suggest alternatives. You don’t have to agree with them, but you can offer other solutions. To maintain your credibility and respect your supervisor, it is important to communicate openly with them.

2. Managers need to be able take criticism from other employees. Accepting criticism from others simply means that you may be told by other employees that they disagree with your decision about a topic. This is a sign that you are a wise manager who will take advantage of it and make corrections. You might find other ways to accomplish the same task by listening to others. There is no right or wrong way to do things. Sometimes, there’s no “right” way. There are many options that can produce better results.

3. Managers need to be able retain large amounts of information. Managers should have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects related to the restaurant. The menu and the style of the restaurant must be understood. You should also know how each area operates. Along with your manager’s responsibilities, you will need to be able to prepare, serve, greet, prep and wash dishes. You need to monitor labor and know if there is too much or not enough. Food costs should be monitored and you need to know if food is being thrown away or stolen. It is also important to be able to count money and handle money. This is the most difficult part. You must be able manage all of this knowledge throughout your shift.

4. Managers need excellent customer service skills. Managers deal with both the public and employees daily. Professionalism is essential when you interact with others. Always think before speaking. Sometimes people will react to the first thing they think, but that may not be the best way of handling the situation. You will need to learn how to work with employees who aren’t getting along. As well as being able to manage difficult customers, you must also be able handle them. As important as learning how to give compliments, it is also essential to learn how to respond professionally to a complaint.

5. There are always more than one side to any story. This is especially true when staff members disagree. Managers must listen to both sides and consider the perspectives of all staff members. Many people choose to work in certain roles at a restaurant because of their talents and abilities. Some cooks are great people-people skills. Servers might not know how to cook. When approaching staff members, remember their personalities. Unpleasured customers may cause a cook to be offended. A server might see the customer’s point of view. You will need to manage the customer’s complaints and represent their interests. Also, you must be able communicate with the cook the customer’s concerns without offending. You must think before you speak. Listening to both sides is more effective than asking yes or no questions. You shouldn’t assume that you know the answer before they respond to your questions. Listen and understand.

These are five key points to remember if your job is to be a manager, or to hire managers. Managers should be open-minded, able to take criticism, keep large amounts of information in their possession, and have excellent customer service skills. They also need to be able to comprehend both sides of the story. If all restaurants were managed by people with these key skills and knowledge, the problems would be reduced and profits would rise. This is possible by training managers.

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