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The marketing strategy adopted by an organisation is a major factor in production and distribution. Marketing strategy includes advertising and promotion of your product. It creates brand image and establishes relationships with the target market. Advertising strategy leads to higher sales by promoting innovative, attractive ads, creative images, and brand recognition. It is crucial to understand the market in order to promote your product or service. Customers are the most important thing for any business. If you don’t pay attention to your customers or educate them about your products, they will leave. Online advertising has become a must for all companies due to technological advancements and the rapid growth of internet.

Online advertising is a marketing method that uses the internet to get the message out about your product. The internet connects the whole world and makes it easy to spread information about your product to everyone. You can get worldwide access to your product information via the internet. The internet has made it easy to market services and products. According to reports, online advertising has reached over 25 billion dollars US. This includes online advertising, search engine advertising, display advertising across different websites, online ads classifieds, video advertising, and email marketing. Online advertising has grown because of its effectiveness and quick delivery of information to the intended audience.

Marketing experts have had to adapt to the social media marketing method due to the rapid growth of social media sites. Social media marketing refers to the methods used to advertise products and services via social networking sites. Social networking websites are rapidly growing in popularity and Facebook, which has more than 600 million users at the moment, is the most popular social networking site.

Facebook is used over the internet to market as well as social networking. Facebook has over 600 million active users. This platform can be used to grow a business over the internet. Facebook offers many features that can be used to help with branding and public awareness of a company’s products. While groups and pages are effective marketing tools, Facebook ads can be a real competitive advantage. These ads, if set up correctly, can be a real boost to the ultimate goal for an advertising campaign: sales.

Facebook ads are simple to set up and offer many options for targeting your audience. A creative and appealing advertisement is the first step in a successful advertising campaign. Facebook allows you to promote your own site, Facebook page or event. You can be creative when designing your Facebook ads. Facebook allows you to have only 25 characters for the title and 135 characters for the description. To spice up your ad, you can add an image.

Facebook ads allow you to select a wide range of target audiences. Facebook ads offer a wide range of targeting options. You can target people by their location as well as gender, age limits and interests. The most powerful targeting tools is the ‘Like & Interests’ tool. If you want to promote cell phones, target those who already “like” the pages of different mobile phone brands.

Facebook Marketing Advantages

  • You can make your Facebook page look exactly like your website.
  • The ‘Likes” of a page can measure fan following
  • You can even target Facebook fans with comprehensive targeting
  • You have the option to choose your maximum advertising budget options for CPC/CPM
  • It is possible to specify the daily advertising budget
  • Advertising can be programmed. You have the option to choose when you want to begin and end your campaign.
  • If ads are properly designed, they will get a good click through rate
  • Low cost per click (CPC), as well as cost per thousand impressions, are some of the advantages of display advertising.

A successful marketing strategy must include online advertising. Facebook is an essential part of positioning your brand. To get the most out of your marketing campaign, be creative and research your target market.

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