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Who are entrepreneurs?

A entrepreneur is someone who organizes and manages any type of business. A leader who is able to motivate, take initiative, manage a team and work with others. He’s a man who doesn’t want a job, but provides hope for many people.

Why Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is a key factor in the economic development of any country. If people consider entrepreneurship their first choice for a career, there will be a lot less problems in the country.


Unemployment is one of the biggest problems in our country. Let’s look at how entrepreneurship addresses this problem.

Only 5-10% of the population has access to current employment opportunities. Entrepreneurs create jobs directly and indirectly. They do this by being self-employed as entrepreneurs and indirectly through the creation of many industrial units that provide employment to millions. So entrepreneurship is the best method to combat the evil of unemployment.

National Income

The country’s income is made up of all the goods and services it produces. Products and services can be consumed in the country or exported to other countries. As the population grows and the standard of living rises, so does domestic demand. Due to various reasons, the export demand increases in order to meet growing imports. To meet the growing demand for goods or services, entrepreneurs will be needed to increase their business. Any developed country’s manufacturing rate lies between 60%- 70%. Unfortunately, our country has a manufacturing rate of below 40%. Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Or do you want to help your country? Then become a manufacturer.

Economic power dispersed:

Industrial development may result in the concentration of economic power in a small number of hands. Monopolies can result from the concentration of economic power in a few people. The development of many entrepreneurs can help disperse the economic power within the population. This may reduce the negative effects of monopoly.

Higher standard of living

Entrepreneurs are crucial in driving economic growth. They are able produce lower-cost goods and provide quality goods at a lower price to the community. Consumers have the ability to purchase more goods if the commodity’s price drops. These entrepreneurs are in high demand.

Solutions for society :

An entrepreneur is someone who finds solutions to problems not just for his business but also for society. Entrepreneurs are key to innovation and creativity that solves different problems around the globe using technology. What’s needed? The technology should be used to achieve the desired result. This allows you to clearly think about “Creating solutions with tech”

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Entrepreneurship has many benefits. Today’s greatest need is “Be an Entrepreneur!” That will solve economic problems for your family, society, people, and country. We must create wealth and not only seek a salary.

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