Education Jobs – The Top Ten Jobs in Education

There are three major classifications that can be used to divide the education sector. They are:

• School education
• Further education
• Higher education

Sometimes education takes place outside of the classroom. You might find it in a jail or hospital. Not only are teaching jobs included in the education sector. There are many other people involved in the management of the education sector. There are many people who help run an educational institution. For instance, they have people who manage its administration. They also have people who lend technical support and are available to teach assistants.


Administration is very similar for the education sector in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Scotland, however, has its own ways of managing this sector. This country has different laws and rules regarding the education sector.


For education jobs, graduates are highly in demand. Sometimes there is a shortage of teachers in science and mathematics. According to a survey, primary schools have enough teachers while secondary schools have vacancies.


• Primary school teacher: the primary school starts from class 1 up to class 5. Teachers must teach English, mathematics, basic science and geography. Art and crafts, as well as physical education, are taught. Not only are subject teachers required, but there are also education jobs available.


• Secondary school teacher: the secondary school starts from class 6 and extends up till class 12. Secondary school students are taught a variety of subjects. Students also receive training in physical education.

• Teacher in further education or in the college level: after passing out schools students enter colleges. These teachers train students in the specialized areas they choose.

• University lecturer: they train students who seek admissions in universities.

• School Liberian: a Liberian is in charge of the entire library. He keeps a record of all books and lends them to students.

• Teacher of adult education: this type of job concerns adults. The teacher must be able to teach students some skills.

• Teacher in a prison or in a hospital: these teachers are required to impart education to the prisoners and the patients in a hospital.

• Educational psychologists: different educational institutes have psychologists who are engaged in counseling the students. They help students to solve problems and motivate them.

• English teacher teaching in a foreign school or in a college: English is much in demand throughout the world. For those countries that aren’t fluent in the language, they can hire teachers to help them.

• A bruiser who looks after the financial affairs of a particular school.

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