Do you want to grow your network? Do Not Make This One Mistake

Networking doesn’t mean meeting new people. It’s about maintaining connections. This is a huge mistake. It’s easy to forget the current connections within your professional network if you are too focused on developing. You should not only think about getting to know and meeting new professional contacts. Remember to keep in touch with those you know.

You shouldn’t be rigid when it comes networking. Your professional circle includes friends. Everyone who knows you and what you do for work has the potential to assist you in your career in any way and at any point. It’s possible to get a break or even a great idea from anywhere.

It is not worth your time to attend networking events.

As a business leader, helping others should be an extension of your responsibilities. It isn’t always as easy as we think. We often become too busy with our own problems or business to offer the support people need. It is important to realize that the best clients, partners and relationships are built by people helping others.

It is easy to share your knowledge and help others. Lectures don’t need to take place in front of students. Every day offers a chance for you to share your expertise with others. To stay on top of your game, you must continue to learn.

To help people connect, the number one rule should be to discover what is actually important to them. It is possible to spend your time helping someone with something they don’t want. Ask them what they need help with and remember that when you go to an event.

Consider the resources you have already invested in, and think about how they might be of benefit to someone else. One of your contacts needed help quickly and an engineer from your group had some spare time. You might have season tickets for a game that you can’t attend. You should keep your vacant or underutilized reserves close to your heart and work to find people who could use them.

Join the groups that are most interesting to you.

Despite all the technological advances and knowledge available, there is nothing like connecting with your fellow human beings. Your career and personal lives will be easier if you surround yourself with people you can share things with.

Networking can help you grow professionally, give you access to career resources, or even introduce you to lifelong friends. Networking has enabled me to connect with people that I wouldn’t have otherwise if I wasn’t part of a network. These people have shared their understanding and given them ideas to help grow professionally. They have made new friends and learned to be more than their comfort zones.

You can find a professional association in your area of work, regardless of whether you are an administrative assistant, paralegal or office manager, graphic designer or instructor. Regular contact with other professionals in your field can build trust and keep you up to date on the latest information and tools. You don’t have to be involved in your local community. Get together with professionals in your field and start one. Are you worried about mixing with your competitors? There is plenty of business and clients to go around, and networking with people in your field can really help you. You will be able find better opportunities for professional growth through the network you build.

What is true networking?

Although it is a great way of meeting new people and to network, it doesn’t make you a good friend. Meetings do not have to be about work. Talking about business and money all day can get boring. You must build personal relationships, not only business relationships, if you want to win at networking. Talking about sports, family or other topics can help you do this.

After your first meeting, you will realize that you are building friendships and not just a business relationship. This is the hidden meaning of networking. A friend asking you for something will make you more likely than a colleague in business to offer it.

You’ll also want to attend many more meetings with the exact same person. Friendships are not made in one meeting. They grow over time. You shouldn’t expect your networking efforts to pay off in weeks or months. It can take years for ROI to materialize.


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