Discount Tire Franchise Review

Discount Tire Company is the largest self-regulating tire and wheels retailer in the world, with more than 790 locations across 23 states. Bruce T. Halle, the founder of Discount Tire Company, borrowed a building at Stadium Boulevard in Ann Arbor, MI, in 1960.

Although the catalog contained six tires, four of them retreads and there was no showroom, reliance, vision, and hard work were the foundation on which this company has grown up and prospered.

Bruce Halle’s business venture was not without its challenges. One of those obstacles was the fact that he didn’t have an air compressor. He would simply go to a nearby gas station to fill up his tires with air before he sold them. He learned inventory turn from necessity.

Bruce Halle wasn’t just a salesman. He was also the man who did everything. He was the tire technician and accountant, the store computer guy, the sign painter, and the cleaning crew. He replaced every tire himself, day in and out. The small operation became one of America’s most well-respected tire companies.

Discount Tire Company was awarded the “Most Admired Company Award” by Arizona’s peers. It is ranked #1 in revenue, time and again, according to Arizona Corporate Excellence 100.

Tire Business & Modern Tire Dealer both consider Discount Tire Company as the #1 independent tire retailer based on number of outlets and annual revenues. Forbes magazine recognized the company as one of the 500 most successful companies in America with impressive annual revenues at 171.

Discount Tire Company is committed to a dream that lives and thrives in each of its employees every day. They have employees who work at all levels of the business: from the corporate, regional and store level to the full-time.

The one thing that unites everyone in the organization is the desire to treat customers and others with respect and fairness. Help others in need, do the right thing, work hard, take responsibility, and have fun.

Discount Tire employees represent the company’s philosophy and brand by being knowledgeable, friendly, honest and loyal. Because they offer the best customer service, the most product options, and the lowest prices, Discount Tire has earned the right to be trusted experts.

Discount Tire has been a leader in the tire industry by making sure every customer is happy. There are many opportunities for employees to advance and more customers can choose Discount Tire for all their tire and wheel needs.

It is crucial that you identify ways to reduce overhead or minimize risk when starting a business, especially in today’s market. Every business has risk. But it is essential to fully understand your investment, startup cost, and ROI (Return On Investment).

Many people don’t know that 80 percent of all franchise ventures fail within the first two to five year, leaving large debts for many years.

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