Creative Marketing Ideas for Furniture Stores

Furniture stores are well-known for their innovative marketing strategies. There is no payment for 90 days and no interest for 3 year. These strategies work well but aren’t unique. You’ll want something that doesn’t involve Uncle Sam and Santa Claus if you are new to the furniture industry. Here are some great choices.

  1. Online classifiedsOnline classifieds ad sales have become very simple thanks to websites like eBay and Craigslist. You can reach customers by listing your product here. Customers will visit these places before going to a store to see what the merchandise looks like. Hire a part-time employee to photograph your merchandise and list it on these sites, or you can even subcontract the work to business specifically-designed for the task.
  2. Training in-storeHosting seminars or training classes in-store is a great way for you to reach the home-improvement community. Bring in interior decorators to discuss home staging, décor selection, or even remodeling tips using your merchandise. These classes add value to your shop and make you more than a business that sells products. You can promote these events by hanging a banner outside your shop that lists the dates and times of each class.
  3. Trade-inConsider adding a customer-trade-in program to the store. Customers can bring in their old furniture for a credit towards new products. You can make a section for used furniture in your store if it’s in decent condition. If the furniture isn’t in good condition you can donate it to charity or give it away to your customer. This is another way to make your store a convenient provider and to keep customers loyal. Vinyl decals can be used to display this service in store windows.
  4. New Homes-Initiate a partnership between you and a local realtor, broker, homebuilder, or broker. In exchange for referrals, you can offer to set up their homes with your furniture. Homes sell better when they have furniture. A sign can be placed in each home to let customers know where the furniture is from. As a housewarming gift, some real estate agents may even be interested in purchasing furniture from you!
  5. Before you buyThis bold strategy allows customers to “test drive” their furniture. Customers can have furniture delivered to their homes for a set period of time in order to decide if it is right for them. This shouldn’t be done. AllIt can help you increase sales by reducing the risk of losing your product. If the customer is free to take the furniture home, and then return it, it’s likely that they will keep it. So that there are no problems, make sure to have a vinyl sticker at your cash register that clearly explains the rules of the program.

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