Autozone Franchise Review

AutoZone is a distributor and retailer of spare parts and accessories for automobiles. The company’s headquarters are in Memphis, Tennessee. It is a well-established brand, providing franchise stores with instant recognition and being the ‘Automotive Store of Choice in their region.

The company has access to the largest range of premium brands as well as their own exclusive brand portfolio. Franchisees can use this opportunity to distinguish their stores from their competitors and increase their margins.

  • To encourage cash customers to visit franchise stores often, the company created the VIP Loyalty Program.
  • AutoZone works with franchisees to help them find the best spot for their store. This helps ensure that the store is in the best area for potential customers, which ultimately leads to more foot traffic.
  • Their Store Development Team designs and customizes a store layout. This includes a floor plan. This is to ensure that the location meets the needs of the franchisee and the market.
  • Ordering products is as easy as clicking a button.
  • They have a long history in the market and have strong operational relationships with suppliers in the automotive parts sector.
  • The Marketing Department at the company continues to structure the AutoZone brand using television advertising, leaflets and other promotional techniques. This makes sure that customers of franchisees are constantly reminded that AutoZone is the best place to shop for spare parts and automotive parts.
  • The AutoZone Family is made up of the AutoZone Service Centre which helps franchisees launch and develop their store. Franchisees have other options, including multi-media Call Centre, Buying Department and Legal Department.
  • The Company has a dedicated Buying Department whose purpose is to supply franchisees with high quality products at reasonable prices.
  • The Company’s product portfolio includes more than 90,000 stock-keeping units. Its top-quality warehousing facility allows franchisees to order all the products from one place.
  • Autozone has arranged special rates from top financial institutions in order to make banking and financial services more accessible and affordable for franchisees.
  • Franchisees have the opportunity to access enhanced services like health care and funeral cover because of their strong connection with Family.
  • AutoZone’s Business Skills Development Training Centre provides additional training in many business skills. This training includes Income Statement Analysis, Catalogue Training and many other topics.

In today’s competitive market, it is vital that you find ways to minimize overhead and reduce risk when opening a new business. Risk is part of any business. However, it is crucial to understand the investment required, startup costs, and return on investment.

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