Are you fed up with hiring poor salespeople?

You might have seen the movie before. It is possible that you have been cast in the film, “Bad Hire Bad Life.” This plot isn’t new. A sales manager hires an experienced sales person and hopes this is the right one. The interview was excellent and the resume was great. This salesperson is a self-starter, team player, quota achiever and will need to work as a team player.

As the new salesperson begins to “unpack his bags”, reality takes over. The sales manager hears a lot of excuses to not meet quota. None of these excuses have anything to do with the individual’s performance.

  • “I need more or better leads.”
  • “I could win deals if my pricing was more competitive.”
  • “Our marketing collateral does not work.”
  • “If only…” (feel free add your favorite to the list.

A sales manager wants to be a great leader and gets to work. She invests her time and money in search engine optimization, revising pricing strategies, and updating marketing collateral. There is no change and the sales manager reluctantly admits she will hire another employee. The ending of this movie is not happy.

How do you create a movie with a happy end? Review your hiring process and rewrite the script. Your candidates’ past experience may not translate into success in the future at your company.

Your dud salesperson, for example, did very well at his former company. His resume was not filled with fake sales results. He was able to get leads from his previous company, which was a major reason for his success. They had an excellent marketing and sales team. Once the lead is generated, your new hire will be a great producer.

Your company requires that the salesperson source and generate his own leads. The most significant flaw in your hiring process is the fact that salespeople are being hired with no previous experience in lead generation.

How can you find this gap in hiring? Good interview questions include: “Let me know about the five most recent sales you made in your former company. What was your experience? Opportunity created?You can listen closely and determine if the lead came from the company or a salesperson.

This is another problem in the hiring process. Your new hire complains that the company’s high prices are causing her to lose business. This salesperson was successful at her previous job. Why is she not producing for your company?

She didn’t even ask you how she got the business. Her previous company was based on value and not price. She doesn’t know how sell on value and not price. She is a transactional seller.

Ask questions during interviews to identify the potential gap. “How were your products or services placed in the market? Did you charge a high price? “Medium or low price provider?”Pay attention to how the sale was actually made. Did it take superior selling skills or a low price to close the sale?

Let’s get to the second problem in this terrible movie: You! Sales managers should not allow non-performing salespeople to remain on their payroll for too long.

There are many reasons, but the most important is that there aren’t any specific metrics for success. It can be difficult to determine if a new hire is on the right track.

Many sales teams bring in new employees and have no expectations about prospecting.We encourage you to participate in networking events. Cold calling, email prospecting, and meeting with potential referrers. partners.”You can’t measure something that isn’t a number. (Imagine running your accounting department like this. “We have money in the bank. “We have some profit that is dropping to the bottom line.

Expect to get what you want so be specific about your goals and expectations.

We expect you attend 4 networking events each month, to send 10 targeted emails to new prospects each week, to make 10 cold calls per day, to meet with two strategic partners each week. To retain clients, we also require that you make five client retention calls per week. This activity should result in “X” number of first appointments and “X amount of closed business each monthly.” For success, set and keep track of your expectations.

There are systems and processes that you have in place to manage everything else in your company. You need a system to hire “A” stars. You are now ready to be a star in the new movie titled “Top Sales Guns.”

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