An Immigrant Story Teachs Life Lessons and Entrepreneurial Skills

Riadh Hamdi’s story, The $2 American Dream: How a Tunisian Immigrant Made It to America as an Entrepreneur, and How You Can Too, tells how he came to the United States in just two dollars and knew only one word of English, “job.” He set out to make a new, amazing life for himself despite these limitations. Riadh Hamid reminds us that America is a nation of immigrants and the American Dream works.

The $2 American Dream, more than an autobiography is also a positive, uplifting read about perseverance, courage, and learning to look at life’s difficulties in a new light. Hamdi tells his story about how he gained the courage to move to the United States. He also shares how he relied on the kindness of strangers. How he didn’t let anyone stop him.

Hamdi does not hesitate to share his mistakes. That is what I love about this book. He shows us many times how his thinking was flawed and how someone else (his wife, his daughters or a coworker) showed him a better way to succeed. He had to sometimes learn these lessons through hard work, frustration, failure, and hard work. Hamdi, for example, quickly learned that being an entrepreneur meant having many skills and knowing how to manage your own time. He thought he could just let his employees work. But he quickly learned that this wasn’t true and became involved in the business’s operation. After his success, he opened more juice bars and eventually owned seven. However, he realized that he had to make more time for his family so he sold two. He found the right balance between work and family through trial and error. He enjoyed both the satisfaction of a well-done job and the freedom to have his own time.

Hamdi writes in a lyrical style that is incredibly energizing. Here’s an example:

Every day you must get up and make a difference in the lives of others. Every day you must stand up and make your voice heard. Every day you need to make smiles on others’ faces. My purpose in life is not to make money. It is to do good for the money that I make.

“I am not here to get a job. I’m here give a job. I am not here just to consume, but also to create. I’m not here to just take, but also to share. I’m not here to keep but to help. I am not here for the glory, but to make others heroes. I’m not here to quit, but to fight. I am here to not only be understood but also to understand. I was inspired to start my own business and to continue it in operation by the desire to contribute to others.

The $2 American Dream contains many stories about Hamdi’s acquaintances who have succeeded. These include his wife, who is now running a network marketing company that sells health products, his daughters who, despite being in school, have become successful in gymnastics, as well as the success stories of people such Tony Robbins and Les Brown. These stories will encourage readers to set higher goals, gain more wisdom, share their talents and experience more joy and happiness.

The book is divided into 20 chapters that discuss topics like determination, talking your mind, having a positive outlook, being humble and dreaming every day, not just at night. Each chapter has powerful exercise questions, which ask readers to reflect on the information they have read and then to determine how they can use it in their daily lives to help them achieve their American Dream.

Riadh Hamid Hamdi is a wonderful author and I cannot say enough about it. His words speak with sincerity and a deep desire to make the world better for everyone. He is a model citizen, a father, husband and employee. He gives back to his community as a result of being grateful for the blessings he has received from America and because he was determined to make his own life the best it could be. Too often we forget how fortunate Americans are.

Riadh gives life to our country when it is most needed. She reminds us of the reasons our immigrant ancestors moved here and that we can still achieve their dreams and goals.


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