Aerial Advertising: Benefits

Aerial advertising is something that business owners may not consider when budgeting for their advertising budgets.

There are many benefits to airplane advertising. The advantages of plane advertising over other advertising mediums are often quite significant.

The unique advantages of aerial advertising for business owners when budgeting should be considered. The return on your initial investment could be considerable.

Some of the benefits are:

Cost savings

First, aerial advertising can be very economical. In a short time, you can reach thousands of people. It doesn’t mean they will not watch the advertisement. It is possible to be certain that they will pay attention when advertisements for airplanes appear.

This means that advertising that doesn’t get read or is not well received will be discarded. It is estimated that plane advertising costs approximately 50 cents per 1,000 people. The return on your advertising dollars is unparalleled, regardless of the deal you get from a newspaper or radio station. It’s cost-effective.


It’s unique and breaks from the normal. Aerial advertising is something people pay attention to, probably because they don’t see it often. As they lay on the beach, lazy July days, they notice when plane messages are visible.

Additionally, novelty can lead to memory. This means that people recall the aerial ads they see better than other forms of advertising. This partly reflects the novelty of the aerial ads. They stop and look at the banner and the plane. It is also because of the attention banners receive. Studies have shown that people will watch aerial advertising from the moment it passes by, and continue to do so until it disappears. This is a long time when the advertiser’s message is being viewed by the intended audience.


Advertisers who use banner towing don’t invade people’s homes, living rooms, or cars in order to get their message across. They simply send a message over the beach or at an event.

People don’t feel like their privacy, opinions, or personal reading have been invaded. This advertising does something most advertising can’t: it provides a welcome distraction and entertainment as well as a topic to discuss.

Increase ad recall

More people remember aerial advertising than any other medium of advertising. Studies show that 77% recall what banners were being advertised after they have just seen them. Another 67% could also recall the advertisement.

These numbers are much higher than those who respond to other types of advertising such as radio ads or print ads.

All these benefits lead to one major benefit: better use of advertising dollars and higher returns.

Companies that specialize in aerial advertising can offer you services for your aerial advertising needs. When it comes to aerial advertising services, the Internet is a great source of information. Arnold Aerial Advertising provides such services. Arnold Aerial Advertising is a New York-based company that offers nationwide service at affordable rates.

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