Advertising Car Magnets – What are the Pros and Cons? And How to Make It Work

Advertising on car magnets is an affordable way to get your name in front of the public. Think about it: you are driving down the road, and thousands of people are seeing your logo over and over.

What are the disadvantages of magnetic car advertisement? How do you get the sign up?

Magnetic advertising has many benefits. It’s relatively inexpensive, puts your name before a large audience, and travels everywhere.

This type of display advertising is particularly beneficial to local or regional businesses such as property management companies or home organization consultants.

Think twice before you jump into display advertising. There are certain cons.

Are you reaching your target audience by using magnetic signs? Driving down the road may not make you reach your target market. This option is not recommended if you have an affinity market or niche.

Magnetic signs can also fall off your vehicle. This happened to myself! This won’t work for fiberglass bodies.

Vinyl advertising might be a better option if you are concerned about one.

Now that you are familiar with the pros and cons of car magnet advertising, how can you get a sign?

Google car magnet advertisement or some variant of it. Many companies do a great job. While some companies only do one or two colors, others offer full-color. Some companies offer pre-made stock designs, while others provide an online design tool.

Check what technical considerations you need for your sign. Many websites have an FAQ section, or a section dedicated to this topic. Talk to the technical department if you have any questions. They will guide you through the process.

Look for a local sign shop if you are looking to get a sign printed. While copy shops are usually more affordable than online shops for signs, they can be just as competitive.

Think about going with full-color designs rather than just one or two. In this Internet age, color is a selling point.

Use your brand consistently. What does this mean exactly? Make sure that your logo matches your business card. If prospects see your sign, they will immediately recognize the site.

A strong marketing message is essential. Do not list too many services or products. Keep it simple. White space is good! Design is all about less.

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This means that if your sign is too cluttered with images and words, it will only confuse your prospect, and you won’t see any results.

Make sure that fonts are legible. Use a different color to make your website and/or phone number stand out.

You can make and buy car magnets to increase your advertising reach and shine for your brand.

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