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Action Learn Your Affiliate Business

Do you want to start a home-based business, but are feeling isolated and uncertain? Working for yourself can be a disadvantage. You may lose your social interaction with others.

Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to build your own business.

One way to overcome isolation and uncertainty is through action learning. It builds confidence and helps you improve your Internet business.

Learning through action is a way to learn while working with others in personal and business development. It is based upon the principles of cooperation, mutual respect, and honesty.

Learn to collaborate

We often have the competitive mindset necessary to survive when we own our business. We study the competition to determine our competitive advantage, choose the products and services that we will offer and how we will position ourselves in the market. It’s easy to become isolated and withdraw from the support network. It is possible to build and maintain new relationships, while still building your business.

Three professional women I know have met monthly over coffee at the river for many years. They meet to share ideas and help each other grow their businesses.

Each meeting focuses on a particular issue, with the other two acting as critical friends. They might take it in turns to bring up personal or business concerns during a meeting. It will depend on the time available and the extent of the issues being discussed. These issues can relate to personal, family, or business matters. They understand that balance is key to success in business as well as their ability to deliver value to their customers/clients.

Through mutual respect, we can challenge each other to be supportive

Action learning combines challenge and support. It is meant to be supportive of each other emotionally, but also to be able to challenge each others intellectually.

It is important to ask new questions in order to uncover the fundamental assumptions or beliefs that underlie the problem. Sometimes our false beliefs about ourselves, the business and our competition keep us from realising personal growth.

We often feel the need to separate support from challenge in our daily lives. The ability to receive support without challenge can strengthen the status quoUnhelpful and damaging perspectives. Without support, challenge can be self-serving (build oneself up while tearing down the other person) and damaging to self-esteem (by reinforcing feelings dreadful).

The object of supportive challenge is to build self-esteem and help people recognize the limitations in their current mindset regarding a person, problem or issue. It’s about helping another person be their best selves.

Learn to be truthful

Action learning’s fundamental value is being open to learning and admitting what you don’t know. It is difficult to do this in today’s social and business culture where efficiency and knowledge are so highly valued. But honesty is the best way to learn.

Honesty is a sign of trust and vulnerability. It is easier to share with friends who are supportive. When the group meets regularly and all members bring the intention of working together, openness and friendship can grow. As you grow in honesty, trust and relationships, your effectiveness will increase in all areas of your life.

As mutual coaching, action learning

Action learning can be described as mutual coaching, where participants agree to implement the lessons learned from meetings. Each meeting should include a review of any progress since the last meeting to increase the value of the process. Action learning is fundamentally about reflecting on the actions taken and the outcomes.

Engaging in action learning will allow you to challenge yourself and make new connections. With the support of supportive friends, you will be surprised at how much you can accomplish.

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