A Secret Internet Marketing Strategy That Allows You to Buy Ad Space and Other Business Services at 90% Off

Would you believe that there is an easy way to buy everything you need for your Internet marketing business at a fraction of the cost of retail?

Believe it or Not, you can.

Actually, I have saved. ThousandsYou can save thousands of dollars by learning the secret I’m about to reveal in this article. You’ll, too.

Here’s how:

Globally, there is a barter industry worth billions of dollars. This industry allows virtually any type of business to do business within a large network known as a “barter trade” exchange.

These exchanges can be described as huge “buying clubs”, in which all member businesses are naturally inclined to purchase from each other.

Take, for example…

Everybody in the exchange will receive a notice when the web designer joins. Those who need a web designer are likely to hire him.

It is the same for all other members: the plumbers, lawyers, dentists, copywriters, pharmacists, consultants, web hosting companies, and the newspaper. These exchanges have almost every product or service provider.

This is what’s really interesting:

These businesses do business with no regular “government-circulated” money.

They instead use “trade dollars” — which are real currency just like a U.S. Dollar bill. However, trade dollars can only be used within the barter exchange.

It’s like playing Monopoly. Monopoly money is only available within the game. It’s worthless outside of the game.

Trade dollars are the same. You can use them like cash, but OnlyThe exchange will be able to connect with businesses.

These “trade dollars” are used to buy goods and services from each other, rather than regular dollars.

Here’s the kicker.

I discovered a loophole in the barter system that was legal and ethical. It allows you to purchase any of the thousands (including Internet marketing) of goods and services sold on trade for as low as 20, 15, even 10 cents per dollar of “real”.

Here’s how:

Trade dollars can be more difficult to spend than regular dollars, which is something that most people working in the trade sector don’t know. Many businesses involved in barter end-up with thousands of trade dollars that they don’t have the time or are too busy to spend.

It’s not money that you can spend anywhere. Trade dollars can only be spent within the exchange.

You can easily get products and services worth tens or thousands of dollars for pennies. All you have to do is contact people who have excess trade money and offer to buy them regular dollars.

Let’s say Mary, the copywriter, has $5,000 in trade. She’s too busy to use it so it’s sitting in her trading account, doing nothing.

Then, you offer to trade that $5,000 for $500 in “real” money.

Mary considers this and realizes that she won’t spend all the trade money. So she agrees.

Now you can look at all the products and service in the barter business (the large ones have thousands) and buy $5,000 worth products and/or services for your Internet marketing company on trade…for only $500

It’s amazing, right?

This secret will allow you to get $100 of services and products for $20 — $1,000 for services and products for $200 — $10,000 in products and services only $2,000 — and more.

Internet marketers like ourselves can save a lot of money.

You can also get advertising and marketing services such as ad space and classified ads or email blasting. There’s also computer repair and software, web design and web hosting.

You simply need to contact several businesses involved in trade and inquire if they would mind selling you some of their trade dollars in return for real cash.

It is very simple.

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