A Marketing Strategy that Sells Without Selling

Surf the Internet. Many messages will pester you to purchase something. These messages are not to be ignored. These messages will reveal the most outrageous hypes you’ve ever seen. These messages are often hard selling by the owners. This marketing strategy does not work because “people want to purchase, but they DO NOT want to be sold too.”

Nobody is content to pay for a product. However, everyone is happier when they are offered a free valuable product.

Rand Fishkin believes that the best way to sell something, is to not sell it. Earn the respect, trust and awareness of all who may buy it.

You might wonder what this strange opinion might be.

Andrew Davies says that content builds relationships. TRUST is what builds relationships. Trust is the key to revenue.

What can you do if your product doesn’t sell?

We need to examine the buying patterns of consumers in order to answer this question.

Consumers purchase from the people they know. Like trust.

What Trust LikeCan a marketer make a sale by convincing prospects to buy his product. Are you one of those people who enjoys constant advertising messages?

There is a gap in the market that can be filled to increase sales and conversion rates.

Let’s first look at the statistics behind these millions of leads every day.

61% send their leads to Business2Business marketing professionals.

Is their average conversion rate for these leads?

Only 27%

Marketing Sherpa has made this a common finding.

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What can you do to increase your sales?

I will respond to that question in a few moments. Let me comment on some other conversion rate-boosting methods.

What are other conversion rate boosters?

Two of these I’ll comment on.

Split testing can be used to increase conversion rates and convert visitors to buyers or subscribers. You can find out the location of your visitors on your website by using certain web resources.

You might also find weak spots that need to be improved. Making the necessary adjustments can increase conversions, as long as you are doing what your website visitors want.

Conversion XL reports that only one in eight (or 8) of the A/B split test results have led to improved conversions.

Cold calling can also boost conversion rates. Prospects could be reached online to create leads. However, Leap Jobs says that only 2% of cold calling results in appointments.

These methods are not effective.

Prospects want to buy, as I mentioned earlier. They don’t like being sold anything. They want to make the buying decisions.

Marketers must create an environment that allows customers to make their buying decisions.

Second, the marketer must be KNOWN and LIKED. Marketing is all about that.

Split testing and cold calling can’t help you get that ready-to-buy mindset.

Let us now get back to the unanswered questions above.

What can you do for increased sales?

One method dramatically increases sales. These leads are nurtured. Annuita Group found that nurtured leads can make 47% more purchases than those who aren’t.

By making yourself known, you can sell without selling. This can be done by providing content that solves the problems of your prospects. This content is available for free.

Make your prospects feel like you. This could be done by giving your prospect the same information free of charge. Who can resist someone who is willing to help him?

Third, you must be trustworthy. Trust will be earned by sharing the same problem-solving content. Your content will show your prospects that you are an expert. They can turn to someone they trust for help.

This is not the end. Doing this will not bring you the greatest benefits. To make your product more attractive to buyers, there are many methods you can use. These techniques are covered in my article below.

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