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7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Business Development

Marketing experts would tell you that social media should be part of your promotional marketing strategy. There is so much information available on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. There are many articles that discuss how social media can promote your brand image, and how it can drive web traffic to your main business website.

Remember that social networking is a marketing tool that can only be used to promote your business.

A business’s key question is: “How can social media be harnessed to create real revenue and customers?” Your customers, regardless of age or economic status, will be active on social media sites in today’s digitally connected society.

Here are the latest statistics on social media use. These will help businesses take note.

  • 68% of small businesses plan to increase social networking marketing in the coming year.
  • 56% say Twitter is used for business and work purposes by Twitter users
  • More than 40% of Facebook users have become friends with or liked a company/brand on MySpace or Facebook.
  • 20% of Twitter tweets are about products for business.
  • 46% of Facebook users would recommend or talk about a product they like on Facebook
  • 44% have recommended a product to Twitter users
  • Social media plays a significant role in holiday shopping. 28% say that social media has influenced them to buy.

Only on the Facebook website:

  • There are more than 400 million active users
  • 50% of Facebook users log onto Facebook every day
  • Average user has 130 friends
  • Facebook is used by over 500 billion people per month.
  • People interact with more than 160 million pages, groups, and events.
  • The average user has 60 pages, groups, and events connected.
  • Each month, the average user creates 70 pieces content
  • Social media is almost equally used by males and women (47% vs. 53%, respectively)
  • 61% of Facebook users have reached middle age or older. The average age is 37.
  • Social networking sites are not dominated by 18- and 24-year-olds. They are spread all over the internet.
  • There are more than 25 billion pieces (web links and news stories, blog posts or notes, photos, albums, etc.) of content. Each month, shared

It should be obvious that your company participates in social networking. However, many businesses set up social media websites and don’t make an effort to interact with groups that are used by their customers.

Social networking is a great way to reach potential customers. This will allow you to engage with them in a more personal and meaningful manner. Engaging with your potential customers on social networking sites will provide a platform for you to establish relationships with other people of interest. This will allow for a new way to acquire customers through the share-and-like capabilities of social networking. This “sharing” can be compared to traditional marketing’s word-of-mouth.

Here are 7 Business Development Marketing Tips to Use Social Media.

1. Don’t be afraid to go where your customers are, and not where they are at home

These are some tips to help you find customers through social networking sites:

  • Take a survey of your customers or potential clients.
  • To find out where and how customers share information about your company and those of your competitors, analyze and monitor traffic to social sites.
  • Analyze marketing research and statistics on the demographics and usage of different social media platforms.

2. Interact and engage

Social media engagement is about having a conversation. Your participation in social-media communities and groups is key to building relationships. Your value as an active participant will be judged by how you contribute to the whole community. You can do this by sharing relevant, valuable and useful information.

3. Investigate the activities of your competition

It is important to collect competitive information that will aid your efforts. You should conduct a competitive analysis of the top five competitors’ social media usage for the following purposes:

  • They actively use social networking sites
  • What type of content they publish
  • The number of views, followers and fans
  • Promotion of products, programs, or events

4. You can only share exclusive offers and programs on your social networks.

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Your social media channels should be given importance. You can offer exclusive deals to these channels through your social media. This will motivate potential customers and encourage them to share the offer with others.

You could, for example, offer a coupon or discount code on your social media channel.

5. Participation on social media requires authenticity as well as transparency

While the words “authenticity”, “transparency” and “transparency”, are often overused these days, they are fundamental to success in social networking. In your interactions, be a human being. This is what will allow you to build trust with others on social media and network.

6. Social networking can be a great way to find value in your sales.

Use social media to promote your products and/or service. These social media channels should make it easy for people to purchase your products.

7. Always refine and test based on the results.

You must test and refine your offers and messages when using social media as a marketing channel. Before you launch the program to the whole channel, it is important to test the program and gather the results.

These 7 Marketing Tips for Social Media will help you build and grow your business through these communication channels.

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  1. Awesome! By the way, It seems like you didn’t say anything about using social media as a customer service. These days people appreciate a quick response to their questions, and such a service on one of the platforms will seem to be a great advantage for them.

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