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5 Tips for Small Business Lead Generation

Marketers need to find effective ways to reach prospects online, convert them to leads and turn them into buyers, given the number of customers who are online. There are many challenges to these strategies such as increased competition, negative customer reviews, and changing customer behaviours when they interact with ads.

These 5 tips will help you to generate quality leads.

1. Strategically Placed CTAs

CTAs (Call to Action) are the best way to increase lead generation. Keep them at the top of your customers’ screens, on all sizes. Only one CTA per page. Your conversion rates will be higher if your call to action is visible and above the fold. This will ensure that all visitors see it. Conversion rates will drop if visitors have to scroll down the page in order to see the offer.

Avoid hiding your CTAs in long-form content. It will limit the number people who are able to see it. Your offer should be visible to customers regardless of whether they are viewing it on a small mobile screen or a desktop monitor.

2. Social Media: Be responsive

Today, social media is the best way to contact customer service if you have any questions. Customers expect fast and efficient customer service from businesses via social media.

You can build trust by responding to every question on social media. Because they feel comfortable asking for information about your products and services, this will result in more leads.

3. Landing pages that attract social shares

Marketers underestimate the power and importance of social sharing for lead generation. While most social media shares are focused on blog content, you can use this power to drive more traffic and more leads to your landing pages.

You can be creative and use social sharing to drive traffic to your offers. Your landing pages will see increased traffic and leads if you offer compelling rewards.

4. Highlight Social Proof

Your conversion rates will increase if you include social proof alongside your CTAs. Third-party opinions can help increase conversions as customers will turn to each other to receive approval opinions.

You can encourage your visitors to click on your CTAs by placing testimonials, reviews and awards, as well as certificates and other recognition, near them. This will help convert them into leads.

5. Video Content Publishing

Video content is one form of content that is most effective. Customers love that they can access it anywhere, anytime and with minimal effort. It’s also a great marketing tool, as it can be published quickly and promoted across multiple channels.

To get the best results, create videos that entertain and explain. You can share different content angles on social media to find out what your audience likes.

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